Federal or state court decisions and news

There are several places to find court cases and decisions. Our LexisNexis Academic database is a good place to start. Continue reading

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great resource for research on almost any subject. So what is Google Scholar? It is a collection of scholarly information available over the Internet.  Continue reading

Foreign investments by or in a country

How do you find out the amount of money a country has in foreign investments? A good place to start is the CIA World Factbook. Continue reading

Financial statements and their purpose

Finding information on financial statements and their purpose is pretty simple. ScienceDirect database is a good place to start. Try terms such as BALANCE SHEET and (PURPOSE or DEVELOPMENT) Continue reading

10-K or annual report

You can find a public company’s 10-K or annual report in several places. The SEC will give you a comprehensive list of all of the forms a company has filed with them. To find the 10-K or annual report, see the video below: Continue reading