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Five Budgeting and Saving Tips for Money Smart Week

piggybank1. Budgeting can be hard, and that’s why you need a system in place. In a little less than 20 minutes per month you can master your budget and take control of your finances.

2. Using a budgeting mobile app like YNAB or Mint can help you stay on track throughout the month and keep your budget in check.

3. Your savings strategy should start with setting aside 3-6 month’s of expenses in a high-yield savings account for your Emergency Fund.

4. Take a 30-day spending break is one of the best ways to supercharge your savings and help you figure out what unnecessary items you are spending your money on.

5. The Art of Negotiation is one of the best-kept secrets to unlocking savings in a tight budget. Did you know you could negotiate your rent, your cable bill, your phone bill and even your credit card interest rate?

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Shannah Compton Game, CFP®, MBA and Finance Professor

Celebrate National Library Week at the Oviatt

I Love the Oviatt heartHi everyone! This week is National Library Week and that means we are honoring everyone who works at the Oviatt as well as all Matadors. Return your overdue books to the Guest Services Desk without any charge. Get your tattoo on with a temporary tattoo and enter a drawing to win a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card. More details follow below. We hope to see you  in the Library this week to help us celebrate National Library Week!

April 9-15 amnesty* will be granted on overdue books for CSUN students.

April 10 temporary tattoos will be available in the Library lobby from 12-1:30 p.m.

April 10-14 CSUN students can enter a drawing in the Learning Commons to win a $50 Barnes & Noble Gift card. There will also be an Oviatt Library Staff Picks display featuring our favorite books. Stop by and see what we are reading and check out a book too!

*For more information and details about National Library Week offerings please visit