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All About Copyright: The Basics and Beyond for Academic Libraries

Thursday August 15, 2013
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Jack & Florence Ferman Presentation Room
Garden Level, CSUN Oviatt Library
Free to CSU Faculty and Staff

This workshop will begin with the history and evolution of Copyright Law, from the Statute of Anne to the TEACH act and will examine current copyright considerations for the upcoming myCSUNtablet initiative. We’ll discuss in detail the types of materials covered by Copyright, the “Bundle of Rights,” Copyright term limits, the Public Domain, and Orphan works. We’ll review the statutory exceptions to copyright law, particularly those pertinent to the library enterprise. A particular focus will be lent to the Fair Use exception, with exercises on applying the “Four Factor Test” when making Fair Use determinations. All About Copyright Image of LibraryWe will also spend time reviewing methods to help authors retain key rights to their own materials when negotiating with publishers, the Copyleft movement spearheaded by Creative Commons, and hot-button issues such as the Georgia State coursepack outcome. Finally, we’ll demonstrate practical hands-on solutions available to faculty and libraries using SIPX (Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange) which is a new partner with the Oviatt Library. Understanding and fully leveraging the breadth of free and copyrighted resources available to professors and students is important, and we will demonstrate a new automated way to create and distribute course materials, including where necessary acquiring and licensing copyrighted works for class syllabi and tablet publications. Workshop Leaders:

Martin Brennan has been the Copyright and Licensing Librarian at the UCLA library since 2009. In this role, Martin consults with faculty about copyright issues as they add copyrighted materials to their online course sites, and is involved in a variety of Scholarly Communications issues in the library. Prior to UCLA, Martin was the Librarian for Medical Education and Curriculum Development at the NYU School of Medicine. He received his BA and MLS from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign.

Lindsay Hansen is the Music & Media Librarian at CSUN. She holds a BA in Music from Knox College and an MLIS from UCLA. For the 2013-14 academic year, Lindsay is serving as the faculty coordinator for the myCSUNtablet initiative. Her interest in copyright is not limited to academic issues in the United States: for a recent publication, she had to receive copyright clearance for photos from a now-defunct East German company.

Franny Lee is the Co-Founder and Vice President for University Relations and Product Development for SIPX (Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange), Inc. She is an IP lawyer in the US and Canada, with broad experience ranging from litigating digital rights to copyright policy work at a national government level. She also served as Resident Fellow for CodeX (the Stanford Center for Legal Informatics), focusing on using technology to improve the copyright landscape and driving the research that led to the creation of SIPX, Inc, a copyright technology service developed at Stanford University.

Meals and Registration:

Morning and afternoon light refreshments will be served. For lunch, there are several venues available on and near campus. RSVP by August 5, 2013 to dean.arnold@csun.edu

Coordinated by the Oviatt Library Copyright Team

For further information call Dean Arnold at (818) 677-2211, Ross Kendall at (818) 677-2072 or Andrew Weiss at (818) 677-2571.

Parking is $6.00. Persons with disabilities needing assistance and deaf and hard of hearing persons needing interpreters, please call in advance for arrangements.