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Native American Awareness Month Exhibit

November 1, 2013 – December 24, 2013
Oviatt Library’s Music and Media Department, 2nd Floor East Wing.

Native American Awareness Month - Native Culture - Man in Native Clothing DancingPlease come to see the beauty of the Native culture, traditions and PowWows.  Explore past and present territories and see how Hollywood depicted Native Americans through film.

What is shocking is that the average American has a little or no knowledge of Native American History. Reason being, the lack of information that is taught to children in schools. Also, many people create negative stereotypes from what they have learned in films that people pay to see. The purpose for this Exhibit is in hopes that people gain more knowledge and appreciation of the Native American history and of the community today. The American Indian Student Association have worked hard to prepare this for you!

Thanks to all those who have contributed:

  • Yadira Torres
  • Pauline Alvarez
  • Dayana Mendoza
  • Mark Vega
  • Craig Hall
  • Erin Wilcox
  • Gerardo Gutierrez
  • Merissa Guerrero