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Painting the Sky with Kites

May 13 – Aug. 11, 2009
Oviatt Library Lobby

This exhibition brings together a celebration of one of the world’s most enduring inventions and pastimes—kites and kite flying. From the Chinese Han dynasty through today’s space age, kites made of leaves, paper, silk, plastic, fabric, mylar, bamboo and graphite have been used to catch fish, spy on enemies, send signals, divine the weather, explore the atmosphere, photograph the earth, tow boats, advertise products, acted as targets for bomb drops and to lift men and women into the wind.

Come explore the fascinating history and artistry of kites chronicled by:

  • Kites made by 2 Girl Scouts Troops from Granada Hills.
  • A continuous-loop video exploring different types of kites and how they are made as well as clips of sport kite tricks and extreme kite surfboarding.
  • A riot of kites hanging from the lobby ceiling, including a 3-D clipper ship, a Coca Cola kite from the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, a Chinese Purple & Black Butterfly kite, a 3D Spinning Top kite, and more!
  • Exhibit cases containing a small Chinese Dragon kite, miniature kites, and collectibles as well as kite-related items.

Exhibition curated by Gina Hsiung, Cataloging & Database Maintenance Supervisor, Oviatt Library