Library Lecture : CHS114 B

Today we welcomed Professor Orona-Cordova’s CHS114 B class to the library.
The students are working on a persuasive essay related to an educational issue impacting Chicanos/Latinos.

The guide for the class includes links to ERIC database and reports from the Pew Hispanic Center and UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center.


Library Lecture : CHS 151

Professor Hererra’s CHS 151 visit the library today for a session to help students locate sources for the Freshman Communication.

Check out the guide for the class and links to the database Opposing Viewpoints for articles, data, images, and viewpoint essays which are helpful for persuasive  and controversial  speech topics.

Another speech assignment for CHS 151 is a speech about a topic related to the Chicano/Latino community.  a great resource for topic ideas is the list of reports from  The Pew Hispanic Center (identity, politics, social trends, elections, country of origin, criminal justice, education, health care, homeownership, immigration, income, language, population geography, population trends, poverty, remittances, school enrollment, technology adoption, unauthorized immigration, voter participation, wealth, work and employment, population projections)


Library Lectures : Summer Bridge (2/5/2013)

Professor Guerrero’s Summer Bridge class will visit the library today for a session to help students locate articles about “food and culture”. During this session we will also be tackling the annotated bibliography in APA format.

Check out the guide for the class and links to online tutorials created by our Online Instructional Design Librarian, Danielle Skaggs, and Digital Learning Initiatives Librarians, Laurie Borchard and Anna Fidgeon.



Book a Week 4

I read the second edition of  Chicano School Failure and Success: Past, Present, and Future which is a really helpful source for additional sources.  What I enjoyed about this book is that each chapter or section could be it’s own reading list.  Any book dealing with the failings of the education system is a serious read, but there are many variables that impact the success or failure of Mexican American students in our education system.

San Miguel and Valencia asserted that due to a trilogy of oppressive Propositions passed in California and the adverse effects of the Hopwood case in Texas, “Mexican Americans [in California and Texas] face an educational crisis of unprecedented magnitude in the history of racial/ethnic minority education” (p. 354).


Librarians and Moodle

Partnerships between instructional faculty and librarians help improve student learning.   Librarians can be assigned a role in Moodle (I won’t be able to see or change grades !) to assist your class for a few weeks or  for the semester. For more information check out our introduction video to Librarian Help Through Moodle.

When added to Moodle I can answer research and library related questions in the discussion forums, create customized resource pages, provide enhanced access to materials and services to the class.

In a few steps you have a librarian join your class !

1) Just like a regular class complete the instruction request form. Remember to indicate the week or dates you would like me to work with your class.  In the assignment field you can provide more details about your assignment.  There is an option for an online class or your can use the “other” field and indicate Moodle.  This also lets me know that I have been added to Moodle and to look for your class !

2)  Assign me to your course using the instruction guide.


Book a Week 3

I finished reading Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule Our World.  January 20th must be finished reading this title.

“Humans have been  devising, altering, and sharing algorithms for thousands of years, long before the term itself ever surfaced.   Algorithms needn’t involve graduate school math or even math at all.  The Babylonians employed algorithms in matters of law; ancient teachers of Latin checked grammar using algorithms; doctors have long relied on algorithms to assign prognoses; and countless numbers of men from all corners of the earth have used them in an attempt to predict the future.”

While this book is not currently available at CSUN, I purchased it for my Nook over the holidays. Here are a few options for finding this title :

1) Search for a copy at a library
2) Purchase the ebook online via the Barnes and Noble (NOOK), Amazon (Kindle), or Google Books.
3) Visit your local bookstore 







Films on Demand

Multidisciplinary streaming video service providing access to digital educational films.

Special features allow users the ability to organize and bookmark clips, create and share playlists, personalize folders, and manage their entire collection through a robust administrative reporting system.

Book a Week 2

My week 2 read for the year was practical read, but one that I like to revisit before each semester before I finalize the syllabus for the CHS 230 course.
This book is helpful for faculty who need some inspiration for in class assignments, take home writing assignments, and final papers — rethinking how we teach students.

Engaging ideas [electronic resource] : the professor’s guide to integrating writing, critical thinking, and active learning in the classroom / John C. Bean.

Available at CSUN Oviatt Library as an e-book

  • Shows how teachers can encourage inquiry, exploration, discussion, and debate in their courses.
  • Presents a wide variety of strategies for stimulating active learning and for coaching writing and critical thinking.
  • Offers teachers concrete advice on how to design courses, structure assignment, use class time, critique student performance, and model critical thinking activities.
  • Demonstrates how writing can easily be integrated with such other critical thinking activities and inquiry discussions, simulation games, classroom debates, and interactive lectures

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