Librarians and Moodle

Partnerships between instructional faculty and librarians help improve student learning.   Librarians can be assigned a role in Moodle (I won’t be able to see or change grades !) to assist your class for a few weeks or  for the semester. For more information check out our introduction video to Librarian Help Through Moodle.

When added to Moodle I can answer research and library related questions in the discussion forums, create customized resource pages, provide enhanced access to materials and services to the class.

In a few steps you have a librarian join your class !

1) Just like a regular class complete the instruction request form. Remember to indicate the week or dates you would like me to work with your class.  In the assignment field you can provide more details about your assignment.  There is an option for an online class or your can use the “other” field and indicate Moodle.  This also lets me know that I have been added to Moodle and to look for your class !

2)  Assign me to your course using the instruction guide.


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