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Check us out : Marching students (2011)

Marching students : Chicana and Chicano activism in education, 1968 to the present / edited by Margarita Berta-Ávila, Anita Tijerina Revilla, Julie López Figueroa. (2011)

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Check us out : Latino Los Angeles in Film and Fiction (2011)

Latino Los Angeles in film and fiction : the cultural production of social anxiety / Ignacio López-Calvo. (2011)

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Check us out : Latino Children Learning English

Latino children learning English : steps in the journey / Guadalupe Valdés, Sarah Capitelli, Laura Alvarez (2011)

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Check us out : Chicano School Failure

Chicano school failure and success : past, present, and future / edited by Richard R. Valencia. (2011)

High Rates of Hispanic Poverty

A November report from the Pew Hispanic Center indicate :

Hispanics make up nearly three-in-ten of the nation’s poor—28.6% under the official poverty measure and 28.7% under the Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM)

Hispanic Poverty Rate Highest In New Supplemental Census Measure

by Mark Hugo Lopez, Associate Director, Pew Hispanic Center, and D’Vera Cohn, Senior Writer, Pew Research Center

The Pew Hispanic Center conducts and commissions studies on a wide range of topics with the aim of presenting research that at once meets the most rigorous scientific standards and is accessible to the interested public. The Center also regularly conducts public opinion surveys that aim to illuminate Latino views on a range of social matters and public policy issues.