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Book a Week 2

My week 2 read for the year was practical read, but one that I like to revisit before each semester before I finalize the syllabus for the CHS 230 course.
This book is helpful for faculty who need some inspiration for in class assignments, take home writing assignments, and final papers — rethinking how we teach students.

Engaging ideas [electronic resource] : the professor’s guide to integrating writing, critical thinking, and active learning in the classroom / John C. Bean.

Available at CSUN Oviatt Library as an e-book

  • Shows how teachers can encourage inquiry, exploration, discussion, and debate in their courses.
  • Presents a wide variety of strategies for stimulating active learning and for coaching writing and critical thinking.
  • Offers teachers concrete advice on how to design courses, structure assignment, use class time, critique student performance, and model critical thinking activities.
  • Demonstrates how writing can easily be integrated with such other critical thinking activities and inquiry discussions, simulation games, classroom debates, and interactive lectures