The goal of this blog is to start thinking about the library as not only a repository of books, but also a site of learning. Feel free to comment or contact me directly regarding any of the posts. These are just some of the topics that might be of interest to students, researchers, and faculty. The goal is to provide the best access to both print and online resources.

The name of the blog ?

Straight from the CSUN’s online Oxford English Dictionary the term 19th century term “bibliomanic” refers to:

 A. n. One affected with bibliomania.    B. adj. Given to bibliomania; mad after books; also = next.

And this line “and you’re searchin’ like you never did before! You’re a (biblio)maniac, (biblio)maniac too!” is twisted from Michael Sembello’s song, Manic, which is popular thanks to the leg warmers and dance moves of the 1980’s flick — Flashdance.




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