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MedlinePlus quality consumer health information

MedlinePlus is a really good resource for quality consumer health information.  It just recently added consumer health information in several languages.

The URL for consumer health in foreign language  is:

The URL for consumer health in foreign languages  by topic is:

and the URL to retrieve primarily quality information in English is:
You can also, as a CSUN faculty, staff or student,  reach MedlinePlus when using PubMed at

MedlinePlus Health Information

Medline databases-PubMed, Medline ISI Web of Knowledge

Medline is a database that indexes the medical literature.  I encourage accessing Medline on NCBI’s PubMed.   CSUN offers a  URL to link records with our Find Text

Pubmed opening screen Spring 2008

Handout for reference desk covering “Databases A-Z with Subject categories Fall 2008 update