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Northridge Academy High School

Mythology Grade 9


The following resources are designed to support Northridge Academy High School (NAHS) ninth-grade students with finding books for their mythology assignment.

NAHS Mythology Assignment | Different Types of Books | Search Strategy | Finding Books | MLA Citation | Ask a Librarian |NAHS Grade 9 mythology info exercise | NAHS Privileges l Library Instruction Session

NAHS Mythology Assignment

NAHS Mythology Research Paper details can be accessed here.

Different Types of Books

It is useful to consider the different types of books the Oviatt Library has to offer. For this assignment in particular, general or specialized encyclopedias, other types of reference books or children's books from the Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC) can be used to gather basic information. Books in our general collection can provide more in-depth material.

Search Strategy

Before searching in the library catalog, take a few minutes and think of different words that will help you pull up information on your topic. These words are called keywords. For example, let's say your topic for this assignment is: Egyptian mythology and God. Possible keywords to enter in the library catalog for this search would be:



God* (You can add the asterisk * to the end of a word when you want the computer to find that word and all of its variant endings. This search technique is called truncation. It will ask the computer to retrieve God, Gods, Goddess, Goddesses etc.)

Isis (specific name of a goddess)

Note: You may want to start your search using broad keywords such as Egyptian mythology and God* rather than entering the specific name of a God/Goddess in the search box. We may have information on your specific God/Goddess, but if that name is not listed as a keyword, you will not retrieve any results. You may be more successful if you look for books on your general topic, and then narrow your search by looking to see if a particular God/Goddess is listed in the book's index. You can do this by using Google Book search, if the record has this option, or simply by going to the shelf and looking at the book.

Finding Books

MLA Citation

Find out how to cite your books in MLA citation style by following the format in our MLA Sample Style Sheet.

Ask A Librarian

Get your questions answered by a librarian 24/7 through our Ask A Librarian service.

Prepared by Coleen Martin, Outreach Librarian

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