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Compiled originally by Snowdy Dodson, previously revised by IreneThorsell, Barbara Magnuson and Doris Helfer.
Current edition put on the web by Doris Helfer, December 1996.  Latest revision February 8, 2016.


  1. Introduction
  2. Subject Headings
  3. Reference Books
    1. General
    2. Tables of Food Values
    3. Health and Nutritional Requirements
    4. Food Processing, Technology, Preparation
    5. Additives and Flavoring
    6. Laws and Regulations
    7. Statistics
  4. Indexes and Abstracts
    1. General
    2. Specialized
  5. Periodicals
  6. Serials and Review Publications
  7. Government Publications
    1. United States
    2. California
  8. Miscellaneous


Nutrition and food science are diverse and complex subjects. The material is scattered throughout the CSUN collection, depending on the emphasis. This bibliography is a selection of sources covering the spectrum of sources in the field. The reference librarians, on duty at the Reference Desk, can also assist you in finding additional library materials.  In addition you can get assistance remotely by going to the follow page: http://library.csun.edu/ResearchAssistance/AskUs


When doing research, you usually begin by examining the books that have been written about your subject. Books provide background information and frequently have bibliographies that lead you to other valuable sources. To get a complete listing of the books on a subject owned by the libraries of CSUN, you must consult the Library's Online Catalog.

Using the proper subject heading is crucial to the success of a search. The following is a suggested list of subject headings for finding booksin the Library's Online Catalog on different aspects of nutrition and foods. For a complete list of possible subject headings, consult the Library of Congress List of Subject Headings and its supplements. These are located in the Reference Room behind the reference desk.

Nutrition Subject Headings:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Nutrition disorders
  3. Nutrition research
  4. Nutrition policy
  5. Nutrition - Study and teaching
  6. See also the subheading, "Nutrition" and Nutritional aspects,"
    used with groups of people and physical states respectively.

For example:

  1. Athletes -  Nutrition
  2. Children  - Nutrition 
  3. Infants Nutrition  - Pregnancy 
  4. Intellect  - Nutritional aspects 
  5. Mental illness  - Nutritional aspects

Food Science and Technology Subject Headings:

  1. Food
  2. Food additives
  3. Food analysis
  4. Food composition
  5. Food microbiology
  6. Food, Artifical
  7. Food adulteration and inspection
  8. Food consumption
  9. Food contamination 
  10. Food habits
  11. Food handling
  12. Food industry and trade
  13. Food law and legislation
  14. Food poisoning
  15. Food preservatives
  16. Food relief
  17. Food service
  18. Food supply

See also subdivision Food under subjects, e.g. Indians Food;
and particular foods and beverages, e.g. Bread, milk.

Other Related Subject Headings:

  1. Absorption (Physiology)
  2. Amino acids
  3. Antibiotics in food preservation
  4. Bioenergetics
  5. Carbohydrates
  6. Cookery
  7. Deficiency diseases
  8. Diet
  9. Diet in disease
  10. Dietaries
  11. High fiber diet
  12. Malnutrition
  13. Mineral metabolism
  14. Proteins
  15. Quacks and quackery
  16. Vitamin therapy
  17. Vitamins in human nutrition
  18. The names of particular amino acids, foods, vitamins, and minerals, etc. may also be used as subject headings.



Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology. 4th ed. New York, Wiley Interscience, 1992. (ref TP 9 .E685 -   25 vols. - Reference Room)
An excellent source of information on food technology.

McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Food, Agriculture and Nutrition. New York, McGraw Hill, 1977. (TX 349 .M2 - Floor 3)

Foods & Nutrition Encyclopedia. 2nd. ed. Boca Raton, Fl, CRC Press, 1994. ( ref TX 349 .F575 1994 - Reference Room)

Dictionary of Food Ingredients, 4th ed. by Robert S. Igoe and Y.H. Hui. New York, Chapman and Hall, 2001. (ref TX551 .T26 2001 - Reference Room)

Directory of Food and Nutrition Information Services and Resources. Oryx Press, 1984. (TX 353 .F75 1984 - Floor 3)

Nutrition Reviews' Present Knowledge in Nutrition. 5th ed. Nutrition Foundation, 1984. (TX 353 .N88 1984 - Floor 3)

The Von Welanetz Guide to Ethnic Ingredients. by Diana Von Welanetz. Los Angeles, Tarcher, 1982. (TX 725 .A1 V664 1982 - Floor 3)
Information on ethnic ingredients, including storage, preparation and use.

Simmons Study of Media and Markets. Simmons Market Research Bureau. (Ref HF5415.3 .S78 - Latest year in Reference Room. Previous years on Floor 2)
Analyzes media magazines, newspapers, outdoor advertising, etc. in relation to consumer behavior and products. Of particular interest to this bibliography are the sections on grocery shopping, beverages, dairy products, cereals, etc.


Composition of Foods; Raw, Processed, Prepared. by Bernice K. Watt.
Washington, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. (ref S 21 .A81 no.8 - Reference Room.)
Composition of Foods available via the web at URL: (http://www.ars.usda.gov/SP2UserFiles/Place/80400525/Data/SR25/sr25_doc.pdf). Contains tables of food values with some background information on nutrition. Over 20 volumes, each on a type of food, such as beef.

Food Values of Portions Commonly Used. 18th ed., by Charles F.and Helen N. Church. Philadelphia, Lippincott, 2005. (ref TX 551 .B64 2010 - Reference Room and older editions avaliable on Reserve (4th Floor East Wing).

McCance & Widdowson's The Composition of Food.  6th ed., Cambridge, England, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2002. (ref TX 531 .M2 2002 - Reference Room.)

Geigy Scientific Tables. 8th ed. West Coldwell, N.J., Ciba Geigy,
1981. (ref QP 33.5 .G4513 1981 - Reference Room)
Aims to provide doctors and scientists with basic data in a concise form.
Includes tables on nutritional value of foods, nutritional standards and vitamins.

Calories and Carbohydrates. by Barbara Kraus. 8th ed. New York, New American Library, 1989.
(TX 551 .L745 1989 - Floor 3)
A dictionary listing of over 8000 brand names and basic foods with their caloric and carbohydrate counts.

Food Composition and Nutrition Tables. Boca Raton, FL, Medpharm, 2000. (ref TX 551 .S733 2000 - Reference Room)
Information includes new data on trace elements, fats, fiber, etc.


Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2015-2020 from the National Agricultural Library. (http://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/2015/). Supersedes the Recommended Dietary Allowances and Dietary Guidance.

Dietary Intake Source Data, United States, 1971-74. Washington, U.S. National Center for Health Statistics, 1979. (ref TX 360 .U6 U58 1979 - Folio 3)
Presents information on the intake of calories and 8 selected nutrients. Data are broken down by age, sex, race and income level.

Nutrient Recommendations Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI). (https://ods.od.nih.gov/Health_Information/Dietary_Reference_Intakes.aspx).

Nutrition Almanac, new and expanded 4th. ed., by Gayla J. Kirschmann, Nutrition Search, Inc. New York, McGraw Hill, 1996. (RA 784 .N837 1996 - Floor 3)
Discusses nutrients, nutrient supplements and foods as sources of vitamins and minerals. Also has tables of food composition and essential amino acid content for some foods.

Encyclopedia of Common Natural Ingredients used in Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics, by Albert Leung. New York, Wiley, 1996. (QD 415 .A25 L48 1996 - Floor 3)
An interesting compendium of the uses of such natural ingredients as "Chicory root".

Encyclopedia of Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements, by Tova Navarra and
Myron A. Lipkowitz, New York, Facts on File, 1996. (QP771 .E53 1996 - Floor 3)

Nutrition and Diet Manual. prepared by the California State
Dept. of Health Services. Sacramento, Calif., 1981. (TX 551 .C34 - Stored in ASRS)

Recommended Dietary Allowances. National Research Council. Food and Nutrition Board. Washington, National Academy of Sciences, 10th ed., 1989. Not currently received. (Copies in both the Reserve Book Room and Reference Room.  Older editions TX551 .N39 - Floor 3 and Stored in ASRS)
The RDA provides standards for good nutrition giving recommended intakes of nutrients to maintain good health. Discusses water, energy, protein, fat and water soluble vitamins, and mineral elements. Table at end of book gives RDA's for different ages and weights. Superseded by the Dietary Reference Intakes.

The Dictionary of Nutrition and Dietetics. by Karen E. Drummond. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996.(ref TX349 .D78 1996 - Reference Room)


Dictionary of Food and Nutrition. 2d ed. by David A. Bender. New York, Oxford University Press, 2005. (ref TX 349 . B4115 2005 - Reference Room)

Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology. 8th ed. by David A. Bender. Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press, 1999. (ref TX 349 .B4 2006 - Reference Room)
A compilation of terms commonly encountered in discussions of food.

Encyclopedia of Food Engineering. 2d ed. by Carl W. Hall, et al., Wesport, CT, AVI Publishing Co., 1986. (ref TP369 .H36 1986 - Reference Room)
Useful collection of technical data relating to the application of modern engineering to the food processing industry.

Foods and Food Production Encyclopedia. New York, Van Nostrand, 1982. (TX 349 .F58 1982- Floor 3)

The New Larousse Gastronomique; the Encyclopedia of Food, Wine and Cookery. by Prosper Montagne. New York, Crown, 1977. (ref TX 349 .M613 1977 - Reference Room)

The Chef's Companion : A Concise Dictionary of Culinary Terms. 3rd ed. by Elizabeth Riely. Hoboken, NJ, J. Wiley, 2003. (TX 349 .R48 2003 - Reference Room)
International cooking terms and techniques.

Approved Methods of the American Association of Cereal Chemists. Saint Paul, Minn., The Association, 1983. (TX 541 .A44 1983 - Floor 3)
Illustrated with bibliographies. Looseleaf, updated regularly. Index in volume 2.

Official Methods of Analysis of the Association of Official Analytical Chemists.18th ed. Washington, D.C., AOAC, 2000. (S 587 A73 2007 rev - Floor 3)
Approved methods of analysis for a wide variety of materials relating to foods,drugs, cosmetics and products affecting the public health.

Food Irradiation : A Reference Guide. by V.M. Wilkinson and G.W. Gould, Boston, Butterworh-Heinemann, 1996. (ref TP371.8 .W55 1996 - Reference Room)


Source Book of Flavors. by Henry Heath. Westport Conn., Avi Publishing, 1981. (TP 418 .H43 1981 - Floor 3)
Covers the flavor industry, flavor chemisty, international flavor legislation, food colorants, quality assurance, consumer safety and worldwide labeling regulations.

The Complete Eater's Digest and Nutrition Scoreboard. by Michael F. Jacobson, Garden City, NY, Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1985. (TX553 .A3 .J22 1985 - Floor 3)
An easy to read popular treatment of the "American way of eating" including food additives and nutritional rating of common foods.

Food Chemicals Codex, 6th ed. By the Committee on Food Chemicals, Food Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Science,Codex Specifications, National Research Council. Rockville, MD, United States Pharmacopeial Convention, c2008. (ref TP 455 .F66 2008 - Reference Room)
A compilation of standards for chemicals added to or come into contact with food. Includes specifications for ingredients which are considered foods but are also used as additives.

FAO/WHO Food Additives Data System. Rome, Food and Agricultural
Organization of the United Nations, 1984. (TX 553 .A3 J64 1984 -  Folio 3/Oversize Reference)
List of substances with the latest acceptable daily intake levels, with information on evaluation status and codex permitted uses in food.

A Consumer's Dictionary of Food Additives. by Ruth Winter, New York, Crown, 1994. (ref TX 553 .A3 W55 1994 - Reference Room & Floor 3 )

Fenaroli's Handbook of Flavor Ingredients. 5th ed. Boca Raton, FL, CRC Press, 2005. (ref TP 418 .F4613 2005 - Reference Room)

Food Additives Handbook. by Richard J. Lewis. New York, Van Nostrand. 1989.  (RA 1270 .F6 L49 1989 - Floor 3)

Food Additives. by Alfred L. Branen. New York, Marcel Dekker, 1990. (TX 553 .A3 F564 1990 - Floor 3)


Code of Federal Regulations. Washington, U.S. Government Printing Office. (KF 70 .A3 - Floor 2)
Contains the rules, regulations and standards of the federal government for food and its manufacture. Title 21 pertains to food and drugs; Title 7 to agriculture.  Updated by The Federal Register (ref KF 70 A2) and available via the web at (http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/browse/collectionCfr.action?collectionCode=CFR). Also available to CSUN students and faculty  to search full text via Lexis-Nexis  (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=L)

United States Code. Washington, U.S. Government Printing Office.(KF 62 .A2 - Floor 2)
Contains the laws that are in effect in the United States. A general index and supplements follow the main volumes. Title 21 pertains to food and drug laws, Title 7 to agriculture.  Available via the web at (http://purl.access.gov.gpo/GPO/LPS4790).  Also available to CSUN students and faculty  to search full text via Lexis-Nexis  (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=L)


American Statistics Index. Washington, D.C., Congressional Information Service, 1973- . (Index Table 8 in Reference Room)
An extremely valuable reference tool which is a comprehensive guide to the statistical publications of the U.S. government. Provides access to a wealth of statistical information on nutrition, food consumption, the food industry, labeling, etc.

Policy Map (http://csun.policymap.com/maps) - Web-based Geographic Information System covering the United States used to understand communities. With easy-to-use menus, PolicyMap is a “GIS tool for non-GIS experts” for those who need to visualize large amounts of data quickly and easily, often down to the census tract or block group level.

Statistical Reference Index. Washington, D.C. Congressional
Information Service, 1980- . (Index Table 8 in Reference Room)
This service complements the statistical reference tool listed above in the it provides "a selective guide to American statistical publications from private organizations and state government sources." Provides access to statistical information on such topics as food, the food industry, the food stamp program, nutrition, malnutrition, etc.


In general, current research is published in periodicals before it appears in books. Indexing and abstracting services provide subject access to this periodical literature. An index simply lists articles, giving only enough bibliographic information to identify and locate the material. An abstract summarizes the contents of the article in addition to giving the necessary bibliographic information.  Most of the indexes and abstracts are available online from the Library's home page and then click on Library Databases A to Z.


Academic Search Elite (EBSCOHost) is a computerized source, not available in print form.  It covers a selection periodicals, some of which are scholarly, in all subjects.  Abstracts to  over 3,000 journals (over 1,700 peer-reviewed journals) with full text to 1200 of the journals, 1990-to the present.

Dissertation Abstracts International. Ann Arbor, Xerox University Microfilms. Library has: v.1- 1938- (v.1 32 shelved in Oviatt Reference Room under ref Z 5055 U5 .A53, latest years and index of Index Table 1 - Reference Room)
The Library does not own most of the actual dissertations, but can help you acquire them through Interlibrary loan as  the dissertations themselves usually reside only at the University where the dissertation was done.  Also available on the web at URL (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=D).  Then select the Dissertation Abstract database.   Provides author and subject access to Ph.D. dissertations written in the U.S. and Canada. Dissertations not owned by the Library can be ordered for a fee from University Microfilms. The Comprehensive Dissertation Index, 1861-1972 and its supplements are cumulative indexes for the abstracts.

Expanded Academic Index (Infotrac) and Gale OneFile  are computerized sources, not available in print form. It covers a selection of periodicals, some of which are scholarly, in all subjects. Gale Databases and Gale Powersearch indexes all of the Gale periodicals; it has over 9700 journals with full text to 5547 journals, 1980-

Home Economics Research Abstracts. Washington, American Home
Economics Association. Library has; 1966-1978.
(Section on food and nutrition is TX 341 .A54 - Floor 3)
Compiles abstracts of doctoral dissertations and masters' theses completed in colleges and universities in the U.S. that offer graduate programs in Home Economics.

Policy Map  (http://csun.policymap.com/maps) - Web-based Geographic Information System covering the United States used to understand communities. With easy-to-use menus, PolicyMap is a “GIS tool for non-GIS experts” for those who need to visualize large amounts of data quickly and easily, often down to the census tract or block group level.

Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature and Reader's Guide Retrospective (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=R) (Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes).
Covers popular magazines such as Time and Vogue, but few scholarly periodicals included.  

Science Citation Index. Philadelphia, Institute for Scientific Information. Library has: 1962- (Reference Room and older eds. In ASRS)
A unique index covering all of the sciences; provides a means of tracing a subject forward in time by referring to the work in which it was originally reported; also has a subject section.  To have a search conducted contact Doris Helfer at (doris.helfer@csun.edu) . 

ScienceDirect (Elsevier) access to the full text of over 1,100 journals. Select the Search tab or the Journals tab.

Wiley Online   1996-    Wiley InterScience is a full-text resource of journal articles as well as indexing hundreds of online books and several Wiley reference works. Available on the web at URL (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=W).

Wilson OmniFile Full Text Mega Use OmniFile Full Text Mega on WilsonWeb
Cross searching of Education Index with Full Text, General Science Index with Full Text, Humanities Abstracts with Full Text, Readers' Guide Retrospective and Reader's Guide Full Text, Social Sciences Index with Full Text, Business Index with Full Text, Applied Science & Technology Full Text, Art Full Text, Biological & Agricultural Index Plus, Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text, Library Literature & Information Science Full Text.


Applied Science and Technology Index see the Wilson OmniFile Full Text Mega Use Wilson OmniFile Full Text Mega on WilsonWeb which contains the Applied Science & technology Full Text.  (Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes). One index for articles on food science and textiles. 

Human Nutrition formerly know as Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews. (Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes) Library has: v.30- 1960-
Good for human nutrition.  Available online at: (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=H)
Abstracts current literature under a wide range of topics related to nutrition. Good for human nutrition.

Food Science and Technology Abstracts. International Food Information Service. Library has: v.3- 1971- (Reference Room TX341 .F75 - Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes)
Indexes periodicals, reports, patents, dissertations, laws. Worldwide coverage of all aspects of food science and technology, such as food microbiology, food packaging, and food additives. Each issue has author and subject indexes which cumulate annually. Indexes refer to issue, section, and abstract number. Online version of this database is only available via a mediated search. If you need an online search of this database done contact Doris Helfer at doris.helfer@csun.edu to request an appointment or for further information about such a search.

INSPEC database which is the computer version of Computer and Control Abstracts, Electrical and Electronics Abstracts, and Physics Abstracts. 

Bibliography of Agriculture. New York, Macmillan Information.
Library has: v.1-11, 1942-1947; v.16- 1952- (ref Z 5073 .U572 - Reference Room)
Indexes books, periodical articles, pamphlets and translations related to agriculture in a broad sense, including the subjects of food, human nutrition and home economics.

Biological Abstracts. (Index Table 10 - Reference Room). Library has: v.1- 1926-    Coverage includes food science and nutrition. Also available via Biological Abstracts on the web at URL (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=B). Abstracts periodicals, unclassified research reports, serials and books; gives exhaustive, worldwide coverage of the entire field of biology, which includes materials related to the field of nutrition.

Biological and Agricultural index see Wilson OmniFile Full Text Mega Use OmniFile Full Text Mega on WilsonWeb . ( Floor3 (Ref) Z5073 .A46 Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes).
Covers food science and nutrition.  For more current articles see Nutrition Abstracts and Reviews and Food Science and Technology Abstracts ( Reference Room TX341 .F75  Most recent issues are in the Reference Room and older issues are on Floor 3)

Business Source Premier (Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes). Covers the economic and marketing aspects of the fashion, clothing, textile, and food industries. Also good for consumer issues.   Also available on the web at URL (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=B).   Indexes business periodicals with coverage of the food industry and trade.

Chemical Abstracts. (Index Table 12 - Reference Room QD1 .A51 Not currently received)
A comprehensive, but complex, source for textiles, food.    Search Chemical Abstracts using SciFinder Scholar (requires installation of the SciFinder client on your personal desktop). Abstracts books, periodicals, serials, patents, reports, dissertations, government documents, etc.; gives exhaustive, worldwide coverage of new information in the fields of chemistry and chemical technology. Subject coverage is relevant to food science and nutrition.

Hospital Literature Index. Chicago, American Hospital Association.
Library has: 1950- (Index Table 9)   Provides an author and subject index of literature in the areas of administration, planning and financing of hospitals and health care facilities. This includes the food and nutritional services offered by these facilities.

Index Medicus. Bethesda, National Library of Medicine.
Library has: 1960- (Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes)
A monthly subject and author index to the medical literature of the world.Indexes about 3,300 periodicals ; the Medical Subject Headings List, Bibliography of Medical Reviews and a list of periodicals and abbreviations are included in the first and second volumes of the annual cumulations. An abridged version, Abridged Index Medicus (ref Z 6660 .I423) is in the Reference Room Stacks. Subject coverage is relevant for nutrition and dietetics. Available via the web at Medline is available via the web at URL (http://library.csun.edu/xerxes/categories/a-z#M). Also available via the web at PubMed is available via the web at URL (http://library.csun.edu/xerxes/categories/a-z#P).

International Political Science Abstracts (available on the web at: http://library.csun.edu/Find%5FResources/Databases/#I)

Microbiology Abstracts. London, Information Retrieval Ltd.
Library has: v.2- 1966- (ref QR 1 .M Section B: Check Library catalog for current location of older print abstracts)
Published monthly in two sections: A. Industrial and applied microbiology and B. Bacteriology. The industrial section has a patent index. Useful for information on preservation and spoilage and fermentation processes.

Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) Glendale, Seventh Day Adventist Hospital Association. Library has: v.1- 1956- (Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes)
Indexes articles on diet and nutrition from nursing periodicals. Good coverageof such subjects as diet, diet therapy, nutrition and nutrition education. Available to CSUN students and faculty  to search on the web at URL (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=C)

Psychological Abstracts.   Washington, American Psychological Association. Library has: v.1- 1927- (Check Library catalog for current location of older print abstracts)
Useful for the psychological and neurological effects of food, its intake and deprivation. Excellent coverage of such topics as anorexia nervosa. Online version is PsycInfo and is available via the web at URL (http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=P). Online version coverage goes back to 1887.

Public Affairs Information Service (P.A.I.S.) (Z7163 .P92 -  Check Library catalog for current location of older print indexes).
Very useful for consumerism and any public policy issues. Covers not only periodicals but also books and government documents.  No longer received in print or available online from CSUN. It has been replaced by International Political Science Abstracts (available on the web at: http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=I )

Wilson OmniFile Full Text Mega Use OmniFile Full Text Mega on WilsonWeb
Cross searching of Education Index with Full Text, General Science Index with Full Text, Humanities Abstracts with Full Text, Readers' Guide Retrospective and Reader's Guide Full Text, Social Sciences Index with Full Text, Business Index with Full Text, Applied Science & Technology Full Text, Art Full Text, Biological & Agricultural Index Plus, Index to Legal Periodicals Full Text, Library Literature & Information Science Full Text.


At CSUN, a periodical is defined as a publication that appears regularly, at least twice a year, and contains original articles.

A complete listing of the periodicals that CSUN owns can be found in the Library's Online Catalog. Check the catalog for current holdings information and links to the electronic version of the journal where available.


  1. American Dietetic Association. Journal. R 1 .A52
  2. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. RC 1 .A428
  3. British Journal of Nutrition. TX 1 .B5
  4. Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology. Journal. TP 1 .C24
  5. Cereal Chemistry. TP 1.C317
  6. *Chemical Rubber Co. CRC Critical Reviews in Food Science and Technology. Journal. TP 1 .C4
  7. Dairy Council Digest. TX 1 .D35
  8. Dairy Record S 1 .D33
  9. Ecology of Food and Nutrition. TX 1 .E3
  10. FDA Consumer. HB 1 .F2
  11. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Proceedings. QH 1 .F43
  12. Food and Chemical Toxicology. RA 1 .F6
  13. Food Manufacture. TX 1 .F637
  14. Food Processing. TP 1 .F55
  15. Food Technology. TP 1 .F66
  16. Food Trade Review. HB 1 .F66
  17. Frozen Food Digest TP 1 .F68
  18. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. TX 1. J64
  19. International Journal of Vitamin and Nutrition Research. QL 1 .I535
  20. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. S 1 .J6
  21. Journal of Applied Bacteriology. QL 1 .J6
  22. Journal of Dairy Research. S 1 .J64
  23. Journal of Dairy Science. S 1. J642
  24. Journal of Food Protection. S 1 .J658
  25. Journal of Food Science. TX 1 .J63
  26. Journal of Home Economics. TX 1 .H65
  27. Journal of Nutrition. R 1 .J653
  28. Journal of Nutrition Education. QL 1 .J676
  29. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture. TX 1 .J7
  30. Lipids. QL 1 .L5
  31. Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental. R 1 .M5
  32. Nutrition Reports International. QL 1 .N55
  33. Nutrition Reviews. TX 1 .N85
  34. Nutrition Society. Proceedings. TX 1 .N87
  35. Nutrition Today. TX 1 .N88


A serial is a publication that is published continuously but does not fall under the definition of a periodical. This includes annual reports, proceedings of meetings of organizations and review publications. Review publications are particularly important because they provide comprehensive surveys on specific subjects. Most appear annually, summarizing the past year's progess with extensive literature references.


  1. Advances in Applied Microbiology. QR 1 .A38
  2. Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry and Biochemistry. QD 321 .A2
  3. Advances in Food Research. TX 537 .A25
  4. Advances in Lipid Research. QP 751 .A35
  5. Advances in Metabolic Disorders. RC 620 .A1 A35
  6. Annual Review of Microbiology. QR 1 .A5
  7. Advances in Nutritional Research. QP 141 .A1
  8. Advances in Protein Chemistry. QD 431 .A3
  9. Annual Review of Nutrition. QP 141 A1 .A64
  10. Bibliotheca nutritio et dieta. TX 341 .B5
  11. International Congress of Nutrition. Proceedings TX 345 .I63
  12. Vitamins and Hormones: Advances in Research and Applications. QP 801 .V5
  13. Western Hemisphere Nutrition Congress. TX 345 .W4
  14. World Health Organization. Technical Reports Series. RA 8 .A25
  15. World Review of Nutrition and Dietetics. QP 141 A1 .W6



The United States Government Printing Office is an important source of information on all subjects. The Oviatt library is a partial depository for these publications, therefore we automatically receive many of the items. They are then either filed with the government documents in the Reference Room or Microform Room or, if their subject matter and length warrant it, they are cataloged and if electronic links to the electronic version are provided and if they are in print they are shelved in the stacks with the other books and periodicals.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. (Index Table 8)
The Monthly Catalog entries are arranged by issuing agencies with author, title and subject indexes at the back. Cumulated indexes are published every six months. The CD-ROM version, called Government Documents cumulates the Monthly Catalog entries from July 1976 present. Access is by Author/Title, Subject. SuDocs No., or key word. Also available via Government Documents on the web at URL (http://www.gpoaccess.gov/cgp/index.html).


The Oviatt Library is a selective depository for state publications. Like the U.S. documents, the California publications are either cataloged or kept in the California Documents section of the Reference Room at Oviatt. A record of the library's holdings of state publications and a subject index to them (California State Publications Monthly and Annual Listings - Index Table 8) are in the Reference Room.

This bibliography maybe freely copied and adapted by anyone. In case Of substantial use, attribution would be appreciated.  This page was created by and maintained by Doris Helfer based on previous work by Snowdy Dodson, Irene Thorsell and Barbara Magnuson.    Any questions or comments can be sent to doris.helfer@csun.edu.