Beyond Transcripts: Accessible Video Tutorials (LOEX of the West 2012 presentation)

Opening Activity

Before I get started, record a quick tutorial, probably something 30-60 seconds long, showing how to do something (like how to access JSTOR from your library's site). To record it, try Screenr or Screencast-o-matic (no download required for these two). Keep the recorded tutorial open and/or jot down the URL to access it again. You're going to be doing a variety of activities with this tutorial during this session.

If you have time, let me know what you're currently using to create tutorials.

Accessibility Guidelines

Captioning Resources

  • WebAIM's Web Captioning Overview defines different types of captions and provides a link to captioning software to create caption tracks for use with QuickTime/Windows Media Player/Real Player.
  • CaptionSync's tutorials on adding caption tracks to a variety of media, including Flash and media embedded in PowerPoint.
  • CaptionTube (free) creates caption tracks for use with YouTube.
  • Overstream (free) lets you caption videos from Vimeo,, Google Video,, and YouTube.
  • Pro version (fee) provides captioning capabilities for videos uploaded from Jing or other software.
  • Paid services: Docsoft and Caption Sync - check with your faculty technology center or disability center to see if contracts are in place.

Sample Files

Presentation (Prezi)