Best Practices for Tutorials in Camtasia

These best practices are written for individuals who are familiar with Camtasia. If you are interested in learning how to use Camtasia, check out the tutorials available from TechSmith (the company that makes Camtasia).

Before You Begin Recording

  • Turn off autofill in your browser if you are recording searches (in Firefox; in Internet Explorer).
  • Reduce your mouse speed (via the control panel) to ensure that any mouse movement captured is smooth.

Size (Area) of Screen to Record

To increase the quality of the video and decrease the file size, you should record, edit, and produce your video at the same dimensions. Record at 1280x720 for HD (16:9) ratio; 640x480 for non-HD (4:3) ratio.

Recommended Sequence for Editing Recorded Content

  1. Edit the audio/video track.

    This entails editing out all the dead space and fixing (by cutting or re-recording) any mispronounciations or other vocal weirdness. This step should always be first.

  2. Add zooms, pans, and callouts as necessary.
  3. Clean up audio using the Audio Enhancements task (even out volume and remove background noise as necessary).
  4. Add captions.

Exporting to YouTube

Guide to exporting tutorials from Camtasia to YouTube.