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In addition to EPC 601, this webpage may be useful to students in other courses:

A note about terminology: "test", "measure", "instrument" and "assessment" are used interchangeably.

Test Collections

The CSUN College of Education maintains a collection of testing instruments in room 106A of the Education Administration building. There is a PDF document with an Annotated Inventory List of frequently-used of instruments in the Education Assessment Library. Hours are Monday & Wednesday 3:30-8:30, Tuesday & Thursday 2:30-8:30, and Saturday 12:30-4:30. For more information, contact the Assessment Library at or 818-677-5252.

The CSUN Department of Psychology also maintains a collection of testing instruments in Sierra Hall 333G. It is primarily for use by Psychology students, but is sometimes available to EPC students by special arrangement. Contact Aaron Rozell, the Psychology Research Coordinator, at 818-677-2815 or

The Oviatt Library does not keep a collection of tests. The California Code of Regulations (Title 16, Div 13.1 Board of Psychology, §1396.3 Test Security) prohibits such facilities from doing so. According to the American Psychological Association's Statement on the Use of Secure Psychological Tests in the Education of Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology Students: "when testing materials are stored in a library, access should be limited to appropriate personnel and to students in training."

What the Library does have is books and databases with descriptions/reviews/critiques of testing instruments, as well as published research which used these instruments. These sources are the focus of the information which follows.

Web Sites

Test Reviews Online ( is from the publisher of Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY).  A searchable database of 4000 commercially-available tests, 2500 of which have been reviewed in MMY. Brief descriptions are free but online reviews cost $15. To save money, use Test Reviews Online to see if reviews are available for your test of interest, note the year/edition, then photocopy reviews from the print version of the MMY at the Oviatt Library. (Copies cost 10c per page using a copy/print card, which are available in vending machines.)

ETS Test Collection ( is a searchable database of information about 25,000 measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present. Brief descriptions are free but the tests themselves are not. Some tests are available from ETS; for others, links are provided to the publishers.

APA does not sell instruments but does have a good Web page about testing (

Mental measurements yearbook

BF431 .M549. Table 7. An indispensable reference work by the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. Issues from 1940 to 2005 in the Reference Room.. Another copy in 4th floor Reserve Room. The MMY provides an online user's guide, also in print on Table 7. Includes extensive coverage of tests published (commercially available) in English. Each volume provides descriptive information, critical reviews, and references related to the construction, validity, or use of the tests in various settings. Succeeding volumes include new or significantly revised tests, therefore, all volumes must be consulted for comprehensive coverage. Tests are arranged alphabetically by title. There are also indexes by subject, author, reference, title, acronym, and publisher. Starting with Volume 10, there is a score (trait) index. Your best source for reviews and critiques of psychological and educational assessment tools.

Citing reviews: See Web page for info on how to cite reviews obtained from the MMY. Below is the suggested format and a sample citation:

Last name, first initial of review author. (Year of MMY publication). [Review of the name of test.] In name(s) of MMY editors, The edition mental measurements yearbook (pp. xxx-xxx). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements.

Sandoval, J. (2003). [Review of the Woodcock-Johnson III]. In B. S. Plake, J. C. Impara, & R. A. Spies (Eds.), The fifteenth mental measurements yearbook (pp. 1024-1028). Lincoln, NE: Buros Institute of Mental Measurements.

Journals about Assessment

The Oviatt Library subscribes to thousands of journals, either in print or online, or both. To find journals about assessment, there are several methods you can try:

Databases of Journal Articles

The best way to find articles on a specific topic is to search in a database. Not all journals are full-text online; some are in print only and some are not available from the Library except through Interlibrary loan. To determine the availability of an article, click Find Text or a Full Text link.

Below are two recommended databases for finding test reviews and critiques. Both are available through the EBSCOhost interface. There is a Web page with more information about using EBSCO databases. All databases require a valid ID and password to be used from off-campus. They can be accessed from Databases A-Z on the left frame of the Library's homepage.


The premiere database for psychology and related fields, produced by the American Psychological Association. More information about PsycINFO, see  There are several ways to find articles about psychological and educational assessments. Most examples below are for the Beck Depression Inventory.

1. On the Advanced Search screen, do a Keyword search for beck depression inventory:

Keyword search in PsycINFO for "beck depression inventory"

2. Again on the Advanced Search screen, use the pull-down menus to change Select a Field (optional) to TM Tests & Measures. The Tests & Measures tool will search the TM field in PsycINFO. Note that it refers to tests used to conduct the research reported in the article; the tests themselves may be only minimally discussed:

Tests & Measures field search in PsycINFO for "beck depression inventory"

3. To browse a list of tests used to conduct research reported in the PsycINFO database, click Indexes. Use the pull-down menu to select the Tests & Measures index. Clicking the Browse button will display an alphabetical list of thousands of tests:

Browsing the Tests & Measures index in PsycINFO

4. If you are looking for a specific test, type its title in the Browse for: box and click Browse. Check the box(es) of the test(s) you are interested in. Click Add to add the test(s) to the search box, then click Search. PsycINFO includes over 3000 articles which report on research studies that have used the Beck Depression Inventory:

PsycINFO Tests & Measures lising for Beck instruments

5. Click the Thesaurus tool to look up Subject terms in the PsycINFO list of Descriptors. A thesaurus is a controlled vocabulary of "official" Subject terms that can be used to achieve better, more targeted search results. (Note: this searching technique is only available for only the most well-known and widely-used tests.) To look up Beck Depression Inventory, type beck in the Browse for: box and click the Browse button. Click on the link to find out more information about the Subject term, then check the box for the test you want to search. Click Add, then Search after you see the test title preceded by DE (descriptor) in the Find: box:

Thesaurus look-up for "beck depression inventory" in PsycINFO

This Subject search yields 449 results, compared to 6477 results in the Keyword search (#1 above):

Subject search in PsycINFO for "beck depression inventory"

6. To narrow your search, click on any link in the left frame. This will limit your results to articles about that particular aspect of the test. The example below displays articles that discuss the Psychometrics of the Beck Depression Inventory:

Subject search in PsycINFO for Beck Depression Inventory AND Psychometrics

7. To further narrow your search, you may click the link for Peer Reviewed Journals:

Beck AND Psychometrics Subject search in PsycINFO, limited to Peer Reviewed Journals

8. Another way to narrow your search is to apply limits. Click the Refine Search tab and apply the desired limits, e.g. Publication Year, English, Age Groups, Methodology, etc. Click Search to apply the new limits to the previous search:

Limiters available in PsycINFO

9. Not sure which test to choose? To get ideas, look up the term measurement in the Thesaurus.

PsycINFO thesaurus look-up for term "measurement"

10. Click on the term link to open the complete record. There will appear a list of almost 50 Narrower Terms. Terms which end with + can be opened as well, providing suggestions of specific tests within that domain.

PsycINFo thesaurus listing for Measurement

11. A test identified in this way can be added to the search box and searched as a Subject term:

PsycINFO Thesaurus listing for term Achievement Measures

12. In some rare cases, articles may include the full text of a testing instrument. An easy way to determine whether one might be available is to add the keyword appended to the search:

Searching for Appended tests in PsycINFO

The record below indicates that at least a part of an instrument is included with the article:

PsycINFO record with Appended test


Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) is produced by the U.S. Department of Education. It is available through three interfaces: CSA, EBSCOhost, and FirstSearch. For more information on using ERIC through the CSA interface, see a specially-designed webpage for EPC students: ERIC via CSA Database Guide. Whereas PsycINFO is geared to psychology, ERIC is obviously geared to education. Therefore, this database is better-suited to finding resources about educational assessment than psychological assessment.

If you use the EBSCO interface, it is easy to switch between the ERIC and PsycINFO databases. There are some significant difference between them, though, in addition to the content focus. ERIC does not include a TESTS AND MEASURES search tool. And the two databases do not share a Thesaurus. Each has its own online Thesaurus containing a different set of subject terms.

1. For example, ERIC has no Subject term for Beck Depression Inventory but you can still search by keywords:

Keyword search in ERIC database for "beck depression"

2. You can also browse the ERIC Thesaurus for other relevant Subjects, such as Measurement Techniques, Psychological Testing, or Rating Scales:

ERIC Thesaurus record for "psychological testing"

3. ERIC offers limits to improve your search results, although not as many as does PsycINFO. In a keyword search, limits can be applied either before or after the search. In a Subject search using the Thesaurus, limits can only be applied after the search. To access limits, you must be in the Refine Search tab of the Advanced Search screen:

ERIC search limiters

Printing, E-mailing, and Saving Articles

1. In both ERIC and PsycINFO, you can add records to a temporary Folder:

Using the Folder in ERIC

2. From the Folder, you can Print, E-mail, or Save records (and full text if available) to a storage device:

How to Save, Print, or Email items from the ERIC Folder

3. By selecting the APA Citation Format, an APA-formatted reference will be included with the record:

Setting APA citation style in the ERIC Email Manager

Database Searching Tips

When searching databases, the goal is to find a small number (e.g. 10-50) of articles relevant to your topic. Here are some tips for improving your search results:

Books about Assessment

Browsing: Most books about psychological assessment are located in the Library of Congress call number BF 176 on the second floor of Oviatt Library or in the first floor Reference Room. In addition to journal articles, books can provide a wealth of information about testing in general, as well as about specific tests. Always check the subject index at the back of a book to see if your specific test of interest is discussed. It may qualify as one of your required reviews/critiques.

Searching:  Use the Library Catalog to find books on a topic. If you don't know a specific title, then start with a KEYWORD search, e.g. "dsm iv tr". From the list of titles displayed, click on any one for more information. From here, you may switch to a SUBJECT search by clicking the links listed alongside Subject, e.g. Mental illness--Diagnosis--Handbooks, manuals, etc. This will take you to a list of relevant books under that subject heading. Here are suggested terms to use when doing a SUBJECT search:

Reference Books

Some print resources listed below are located behind the first-floor reference desk on Table 7; some are located on the Reference Room shelves. Reference books (with green dot) cannot be checked out, but a photocopier is available at the east end of the first floor. Remember to check the subject index at the back of these books to see if your specific test of interest is discussed.

Assessment of children : cognitive applications / Jerome M. Sattler. BF432.C48 S28 2001 Reference Room

Comprehensive handbook of psychological assessment / editor-in-chief, Michel Hersen. BF176 .C654 2004 (4 vol) Reference Room

Directory of unpublished experimental mental measures / APA BF431 .G625 (8 volumes) Table 7 An index to tests appearing in journals that are not available commercially at this time. Includes the purpose, reliability, source (journal article citation), and a cumulative subject index.

Handbook of clinical child psychology / edited by C. Eugene Walker and Michael C. Roberts. RJ503.3 .H36 2001 Reference Room Section 2. Diagnostic Assessment of Children

Handbook of family measurement techniques /edited by John Touliatos, Barry F. Perlmutter, Murray A. Straus. HQ728 .H267 2001 (3 vol) Table 7 Volume 1 has abstracts of family measurement instruments cited in the published literature 1929-1986; Volume 2 covers the period 1987-1996; Volume 3 contains 168 of the instruments abstracted in Volume 2, reproducing them in full text along with scoring instructions. Also provides author, instrument title, and subject indexes for all volumes.

Handbook of infant, toddler, and preschool mental health assessment / edited by Rebecca DelCarmen-Wiggins, Alice Carter.  RJ503.5 .H375 2004  Reference Room

Handbook of nonverbal assessment / edited by R. Steve McCallum. BF432.5.I55 H36 2003 Reference Room

Handbook of psychology / Irving B. Weiner, editor-in-chief. BF121 .H1955 2003 Reference Room Volume 10. Assessment Psychology

Handbook of psychological assessment / Gary Groth-Marnat. BF176 .G76 2003 Reference Room

Measures for clinical practice: a sourcebook / Kevin Corcoran, Joel Fischer.  BF176 .C66 2000 (2 vol)  Reference Room

Library use: handbook for psychology / Jeffrey G. Reed and Pam M. Baxter BF76.8 .R43 2003 Reference Room Chapter 9. Psychological Tests and Measures.

Test critiques. BF176 .T419 Most recent volume is v. 11, published in 2006. Reference Room Table 7

Tests in print VII / Buros Institute of Mental Measurements. BF431 .T342. Most recent edition 2006 on Table 7. Descriptive listings and references to commercially-available tests in English. Serves as an index to the Mental Measurements Yearbook. Also free online as Test Reviews Online.

Tests: a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education, and business / edited by Taddy Maddox. BF176 .T43 2003 Table 7  Brief information on thousands of assessment instruments used in psychology, education, and human resources.

The special educator's book of lists / Roger Pierangelo. LC3965 .P54 2003 Reference Room Part 4.

Woodcock-Johnson III: reports, recommendations, and strategies / Nancy Mather and Lynne E. Jaffe. LB1131.75.W66 M389 2002 Reference Room  WJ-III is used to assess both cognitive abilities and achievement in children and adolescents. Includes examples of diagnostic reports that depict a variety of common student learning problems, showing applications in both educational and clinical settings.

More Information

There is also an online EPC 602 Research Guide that may be helpful.

Mara Houdyshell is the Oviatt librarian who serves the CSUN Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling. Her home page is Contact her at or 818-677-3840.

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