Felicia Vertrees, Online Instructional Design and Education Librarian


About Me and How I Can Help You

I am the Oviatt Library's Online Instructional Design and Education Librarian, and I am responsible for instruction in the following areas:

I design online Information Literacy tutorials in Moodle as well as other platforms. While my primary responsibility is working with the College of Education, don't hesistate to contact me if you are with another college. I create materials that can be used across different colleges and disciplines.



Librarians and Instructional Design

If you want to read about how librarians work with instructional design to help students with information, Amanda Hovious has a great blog that explains it. If any of the ideas she talks about interest you (or any ideas that you read somewhere else), I am happy to talk to you about implementing those ideas into your own Moodle class.


How to Schedule Library Instruction

If you want to schedule a library instruction with me, use the form here. Also, I find it beneficial to be embedded in your Moodle class because it gives me a chance to see what research questions students have that I can answer. I also find that doing an assessment on how they're doing with that research helps me create better tutorials. If you want to embed me in your class, click here for instructions.


Course Guides

ELPS 780 (Auerbach)