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Chicana/o Studies 360: Overview

Richard Corona

Finding Data About a Community

A geographic community can be defined in many ways: as an incorporated municipality, such as a city with elected officials, and by defined areas, such as a postal area zip code or census tract. The following websites provide links to resources that provide access to a variety of data at various geographic levels. The tabs at the top of this website provide links to specific statistical topics and background information found in articles, books, media, and primary sources.

Links for cities at least partially in the San Fernando Valley


Search Engines

  • SearchGov.com
  • USA.gov
  • Search Google for your topic, the word "statistics," and site:.gov to search government websites or site:.org for nonprofits, which are often a good source of reliable statistics, too.
  • FedStats gateway to statistics from over 100 United States federal agencies.