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Developing a Search Strategy

What is an impact factor?

The impact factor of a journal is a way of measuring the journal's relevance or impact on a field by the number of citations per article. For example: a journal with an impact factor of 3 means that in the past 2 years each article published in that journal has been cited an average of 3 times. 

The database IEEE provides the impact factor for each journal indexed. However, if you are using a different database and are unable to determine the impact factor, use Google to search for that particular journal's official website and it should provide the impact factor.

The following is a list of the highest ranked journals in the field of Computer Science, according to the Journal Citation Reports.

ACM Transactions on intelligent systems and technology: 9.3

IEEE Transactions on industrial informatics: 8.7

IEEE Wireless communications: 6.5

IEEE Communications surveys and tutorials: 6.4

IEEE Transactions on fuzzy systems: 6.3

International journal of neural systems: 6.0 

IEEE Transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence: 5.6

Computer-aided civil and infrastructure engineering: 5.6 

MIS quarterly: 5.4

Integrated computer-aided engineering 4.6

Journal of cheminformatics: 4.5 

Environmental modelling & software: 4.5 

IEEE Transactions on neural networks and learning systems: 4.3

Archives of computational methods in engineering 4.1 

ACM computing surveys 4.0

Information sciences  3.9 

Journal of statistical software 3.8

IEEE transactions on medical imaging: 3.7

Journal of information technology: 3.7 

IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics. Part B, Cybernetics: 3.7

Evolutionary computation: 3.7 ACM

ACM Transactions on graphics: 3.7

IEEE Network: 3.7

Medical image analysis: 3.6 

International journal of computer vision: 3.5 

What is a peer-reviewed article?

A peer-reviewed journal (also referred to as "refereed"), is a publication that only publishes articles that have been reviewed by other scholars or researchers, who determine whether the research is a valid and relevant contribution to the field. 

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Computer Science Databases


The following is a list of library databases that focus on resources in Computer Science. Click on any link below and it will take you directly to that database. If you are off campus you will be asked to login using your username and password, (it's the same as your portal login).

Computer Science Databases