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Finding Information on California Schools: Search by School Name/Zip Code

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California Department of Education provides access to test scores, enrollment statistics, and other information about specific schools plus California curriculum frameworks and additional important material. More information is available about public schools than private schools. Favorite databases from this agency that provide school-level information include:

California Public School Profiles and Reports (part of the larger Ed-Data site).

Dataquest. Interactive site allows the user to locate information such as the dropout rate for a specific public high school, English learners by language and grade, special education data, as well as test and other performance results for public schools in California. Easy to use menus and a description of what is available via Dataquest.

California School Directory. Includes public, private, and charter schools. If the California site is busy, try Search for Schools, Colleges, and Libraries, a National Center for Education Statistics site which is similar but covers the entire United States.

Other sites that provide information about specific schools (government data plus opinion and other input about a school from parents, students, etc.) include GreatSchools.org and Local School Directory.com.

RAND California Education Statistics is a database menu that is part of the larger RAND California site. (Oviatt Library subscription; not available to all users). Much of the data comes from the state and other government sources. An online training exercise for RAND California Statistics is available.

California High School and California Community College Academic Performance Reports. California State University (CSU) system provides, for each California high school and community college that sends five or more students to the CSU system, an Academic Performance Report tailored especially for that institution. These reports, accessible by county name and then school name, present summary information on the academic performance of students in their first year at the CSU and comparison data.

Specific school or school district websites

Tip: California School Districts with Web Servers and Ed-Data's California School Profiles and Reports make it easy to find California school district websites such as: Los Angeles Unified School District. In addition to reports issued by the district, school web sites may be listed at a district's website.