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Health Science 437: Strategies for Making Health Decisions

Professor Jessica King; Health Sciences Librarian Marcia Henry

Getting Started

Goals of the Library Session

  • Learn how to search the database(s) and look for peer reviewed credible articles.
  • Know your assignment: (

    I.      Who is the Target Group (25 points)
    a.      Identify a cultural/ethnic group
    i.      Provide current statistics relating to cultural/ethnic group
    1.      General Statistics
    2.      Specific statistics related to health and healthcare
    b.      Describe the general belief of this cultural/ethnic group in terms of healthcare and medicine
    c.      Describe specific health related issues that are prevalent within in this cultural/ethnic group

    II.     What are their problems/barriers to health care? (20 points)
    a.      Identify and describe at least five barriers or problems preventing the target group from engaging in or receiving healthcare. Please utilize at least three peer reviewed articles to support your descriptions.

    III.    What is being done about the presented problems/barriers? (20 points)
    a.      Identify and describe at least 2 marketing strategies, interventions, programs that are focused on resolving these issues.  If no programs are currently in place, please identify and describe prior programs and discuss why they are no longer in place.

    IV.     Who is involved in servicing this target groups needs? (20 points)
    a.      Identify at least 2 key persons, advocates, organizations, congressmen, politicians, coalitions, etc. that are focused on resolving these issues and describe what actions they are taking or are trying to put in place.  This must be separate from the above section.

    V.      Recommendations (25 points)
    a.      What recommendations do you have in regards to resolving these issues and improving health care for this target group or improving health communication and promotion for this target group?

    Target Groups:/Cultural Ethnic Groups -The students have picked the following ethnic/cultural groups:
    Hispanic Females (25-31)
    Hispanic Female Children
    Asian American Women
    Middle Eastern Women
    African America living in Southern US
    African American Women (Young Adults)
    Native American Adults


Periodical Articles

Search the library's databases to find journal, magazine and newspaper articles.

Use Find Text Find Text to identify if CSUN has access, if NOT can request on Interlibrary Loan

News, Current Events, General Information


Scholarly Journals and Scientific Information


  • CINAHL Plus -- scholarly journals from nursing, medicine, and consumer health
  • GoogleScholar -- scholarly materials such as peer-reviewed articles, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and reports across many disciplines
  • PsycINFO  - indexes psychology literature
  • PubMed -- indexes over 5000 scholarly and research journal articles in medicine, allied health, chemistry, and more. Many links to open access (free articles)  
  • ScienceDirect -- search full-text journals published by Elsevier
  • see additional resources on Find Articles by Subject  select Health Sciences + Nursing at http://library.csun.edu/xerxes/databases/subject/health-sciences-nursing
  • Web of Science -Multidisciplinary database providing access to citations from more than 12,000 research journals worldwide. Includes the following citation databases: Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present); Science Citation Index Expanded (1900-present); and Social Sciences Citation Index (1900-present). Cited reference searching is available.  Same vendor offers MEDLINE (ISI) and works very well with once you creat your account assigning a working email address and an 8 character password, not all letters, at least 1 number and 1 unusual character EndNote Web/Endnote Basic/ Endnote Online


Scholarly Journals (Peer-reviewed/Referreed)

American Journal of Philology cover
  • Authors are authorities in their fields.
  • Authors cite their sources in endnotes, footnotes, or bibliographies.
  • Individual issues have little or no advertising.
  • Articles must go through a peer-review or refereed process.
  • Articles are usually reports on scholarly research.
  • Illustrations usually take the form of charts and graphs.
  • Articles use jargon of the discipline.

Citation Formatting Tools

Citation managers are software that keep track of your sources and automatically format your citations in a variety of styles.

  • EndNote Web - free to CSUN students, staff, and faculty; integrates with MS Word and any browser; can export references directly from many databases
  • Zotero - free to anyone; integrates with MS Word and/or Google Docs; must be installed on your own computer