Collection Development Policy Statement: Journalism

The collection supports and sustains the research needs of undergraduate and graduate students and faculty based on the curriculum in the Journalism department.

The department offers a Bachelor's and Minor in Journalism, the Interdisciplinary Minor: Spanish-Language Journalism, and the Master's in Mass Communications. See the Journalism Degrees web site for the list of courses for which library materials are acquired.

Scope of the Collection:

Core topics:

  • Broadcast journalism
  • Magazine journalism
  • Newspaper journalism
  • Photojournalism
  • Public Relations
  • Spanish-Language Journalism (Interdisciplinary minor)
  • Intellectual, social, and technical aspects of mass communication

Non-Subject Parameters:

Language: English will be the primary language of the collection. Materials in other languages will be considered upon request or as deemed relevant to the curriculum.

Chronological Guidelines: Current research should be emphasized, but gaps in historical studies should be filled in. Primary emphasis is placed on 20th and 21st Centuries.

Publication dates: Currently published material is emphasized, but older materials may be purchased on request or to fill gaps in the collection.

Geographical Guidelines: Greatest emphasis should be on the United States, but materials related to other countries are collected selectively as related to class curriculum, particularly related to intercultural or comparative international communication.

Materials Collected: Books, periodicals; reference materials, including dictionaries, encyclopedias, bibliographies, directories, indices and abstracts are limited to those considered key to the discipline.

Collected Selectively: Electronic resources, proceedings, multimedia, and microforms. The Library subscribes to many databases relevant to the field of journalism. See database list for journalism.

Selection tools, utilities and review sources:

Revised August 24, 2009 by Katherine Dabbour