Marianne Afifi, Associate Dean, Oviatt Library

Duties and Responsibilities

I assist the Dean in carrying out the mission of the library, including strategic planning and decision-making. I oversee collection management activities, as well as emergency and security planning. I assist in Library programming and fundraising. I supervise Library Assessment activities. I am responsible for CSU, state, and national statistics reports. I am responsible for the development of the Library digital archive activities and capacity and participate in Library technology development and planning. I manage Campus Quality Fee funded projects and other special initiatives. I represent the Library in select campus and CSU committees. I coordinate the Research Fellows program in the Library. I collaborate with the University of North Texas Greater Los Angeles Cohort Master of Library and Information Science program to host cohort courses and activities at the Oviatt Library.

I am responsible for many aspects of library access, services, and day-to-day operations including the following:

Professional Interests

Digital Libraries, Leadership in Libraries and Campus IT Organizations, Future of Libraries, Discovery Systems