Welcome Professor Sinclair's Communication Disorders and Sciences 502

Librarian speaking to you today is Marcia Henry, Communication Disorders and Sciences Librarian.

The URL for this web page is http://library.csun.edu/mhenry/tipscd502.html photo and contact info for Marcia Henry


The goals of today's library session:

1.  How to verify in a literature search that a document meets the criteria for a primary source (must meet four elements Dr. Sinclair outlined as given below) 

  • " peer-reviewed;
  • full-text available to read; (Please note- if you start your research early enough, you can request articles on Interlibrary Loan)
  • research results must be in first-hand knowledge of writer ... not just quoted from somewhere else as in a basic textbook;
  • and, research must be independent of funding bias ... funding source, if any, must be stated and understood  "

2.  How to use PubMed efficiently

3.  Learn alternate search terms when the first attempt fails to retrieve much or any information at all.

4.  How to transfer results from searches to personal electronic files and get citations ordered in APA format.  




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