Providing Access in OPAC to Electronic Journals from an Aggregator Database


Adding titles to OPAC means fewer places patrons need to check for titles

Ability to create Electronic

Journals file automatically from OPAC

Ebsco provided MARC records derived from print records in CONSER database – no OCLC/RLIN record number


  • Single record approach when we have print subscription & the content is the same
  • Separate records when print ceased and continued by online; or content is different
  • Online record when no print equivalent in OPAC

Overall Experience: Positive

Patrons & Staff prefer access through OPAC

Hook to holdings from some electronic indexes

Has made it possible to create a subset of the OPAC: Electronic Journals


Used the ISSN in the records from Ebsco to match records in the OPAC.

Ebsco records that match records already in the OPAC were added to workfile. Information was copied & pasted into existing records with local modifications. The modifications to existing print records included:

  • 530 Also available online (ADDED)
  • 655 Electronic journals (ADDED)
  • 856 $3 & $u (COPIED) and $z Access restricted to CSUN IP address (CHANGED)

New records were added directly to the OPAC with local modifications.

  • Deleted 001, 003, 773 and non-LCSH headings
  • Modified:
    • 099 Unclassed (ADDED)
    • 655 Electronic journals (ADDED)
    • 856 $z Access restricted to CSUN IP address (CHANGED)
For all titles, copy sets (equivalent to summary of holdings) were added

Problems and Evaluation

  1. Matched records worked on 1-by-1 (Time Consuming)
  2. ISSN problems:

· ISSN in CSUN bib record missing

· ISSN in EBSCO for earlier or later title

· ISSN in EBSCO for variant edition

  1. Ebsco provided the wrong record – MARC record differed from the journal description in Ebsco database
  2. 856 holdings open when title closed or ceased
  3. New records are hybrids: 245 $h[computer file] and 006/007 but no “Online” in uniform title qualifier or no uniform title at all; 300 field reflects print record


Project Statistics

EbscoHost Academic Search Elite Usage

NASIG Poster

Jina Wakimoto, Coordinator of Cataloging & Mary S. Woodley, Social Sciences Librarian