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About Delmar T. Oviatt

Delmar T. Oviatt

  • As its first executive officer, Dr. Oviatt planned this campus's establishment as a branch of Los Angeles State College of Applied Arts and Sciences.
  • He was an educator who was vitally concerned with young people, innovative, experimental and forward looking, and a man of uncommon good sense and of a rare humane bearing and feeling.
  • He was a wise man who proved his balance and judgement time and again through his skill and intellect.
  • He was a friendly man who gave of himself repeatedly to his colleagues and to his community who was always ready to listen, to counsel, and encourage the many who sought his advice and help.
  • He was a courageous man who stood for educational values and standards as well as for meaningful change and adaptation, even when these values, standards and change were unpopular and under attack.
  • Dr. Oviatt's dedication and efforts are mirrored in this University which he did so much to create.