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Collection Development, Information Literacy & Outreach


The HSI grant will enable the Oviatt Library to emphasize activities for the benefit of students and the community in three main areas: collection development; information competence and instruction; and outreach and events.


1. Through the HSI grant, the Library will continue to build an outstanding collection, including print, electronic, and media that supports the University's teaching and research mission related to Latino history, social sciences, and culture.

The collection of Latino-related books will grow approximately 10% during the project. The Library will continue to build a Teacher Curriculum Center collection that supports the University's credential candidates and teachers from the surrounding community, and reflects the large Latino population of the San Fernando Valley public schools.

Update: From 2002 until 2005, over 3,100 new books, media, and other materials were purchased. The list of acquisitions is available through as search of CSUN Title V HSI Grant Collection.

2. With additional resources provided by the HSI grant, the Library will increase reference and instruction services for students and faculty.

Even before receiving the HSI grant, librarians at CSUN were working closely with faculty to incorporate library instruction into regular coursework. In the 2002-2003 academic year, over 20,000 students received library instruction in a classroom setting. With the addition of the HSI librarian we will be able to collaborate closely with more faculty members to produce even more relevant library instruction classes and to fulfill even more faculty requests for information literacy classes. Grant money is also allowing the development of two new information literacy assessment tools that will be tested during the five years of the grant. The first of these tools will be introduced during the Fall 2003 semester and refined in subsequent years based on feedback and results.

3. Increase outreach to the Latino community through library programs and events.

The Library will work to improve the community's ability to find, evaluate, and use information and to increase their awareness of available Library resources.