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Oviatt Library in the Media

The library building and grounds have served as a shooting location for a number of films and television projects over the years:

Star Trek
Feature film, 2009. Filming included Oviatt Library (as part of Star Fleet Academy), and Sierra Quad.
Knight Rider
TV series, 2008. Filming included Oviatt Library, and Sierra Quad.
CSI: Las Vegas
TV series, 2007. Filmed at Oviatt Library, and Sierra Tower.
Close to Home
TV series, premiered Oct. 4, 2005. Filmed in front of west wing, front steps and Oviatt lawn on 1/10/06.
Hewlett-Packard (commercial)
Study carrels and bookstacks on the second floor served as a background; a segment out on the grand staircase was also filmed. The finished commercial is expected to air late spring/early summer 2006.
Night Stalker
TV series, premiered Sept. 29 2005. Exterior shots.
Commander in Chief
TV series, premiered Sept. 27, 2005. Filming included the front lawn, grand staircase, and the front portico area leading up to the library doors. Episode airs May 2006.
Sky High
Feature film by Disney, 2005. Oviatt cast as a high school for superheroes. Exterior and interior shots.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TV Series, 2003. Filmed at the Cleary Court Breezeway.
Joan of Arcadia
TV series, 2003-2005. Interior shots.
Legally Blonde 2: Red, White and Blue
Feature film, 2003. Exterior shots.
TV series, 1999-2002. Episode: "Baby, It's You" filmed March 2001, Oviatt Lawn.
The Princess and the Marine
TV movie, 2001.
Star Trek Voyager
TV series, 1995-2001. Oviatt Library is features as part of the Mari homeworld in the episode "Random Thoughts" (1997)
TV series, 1974-2001, starring Peter Falk. Garden level interior.
The Profiler
TV series, 1996-2000. Garden level interior.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
TV series, 1993-1996. One of the Power Rangers jumped off the front portico to the Oviatt lawn to catch the villain.
Feature film, 1994, starring Pauly Shore.
The Intentional Stranger
TV movie, 1986. Mark Harmon played Ted Bundy. The Oviatt was used as the location where Bundy was shot.
The Misfits of Science
TV series, 1985-1986. Library Dean’s office poses as the office of a eccentric, mad professor. Oviatt Library became the Department of Anthropology at "California Science Institute."
Film, 1982. One scene captures the roof of the old South Library.
TV series, 1979. Episode: "The Curse of Dracula." The concept was that Dracula was alive and well and teaching a night course in California.
Battlestar Galactica
TV series, 1978-1979. Episode: "Living Legend," 1978, starring Lloyd Bridges and Anne Lockhart. Aired December 3, 1978. In part II, the Oviatt posed as a Cylon base.
Project UFO
TV series, 1978-1979. The Oviatt was used in an exterior shot as part of the "University of Los Angeles."
McMillan and Wife
TV series, 1971-1976, starring Rock Hudson. Episode: "Dark Sunrise," Jan 1977, with Karen Valentine.
Medical Center
TV series, 1969-1976, starring Chad Everett.