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Library Rules of Behavior

Help Keep Your Library Safe, Clean and Enjoyable!

The Oviatt Library is a place of research, thought and study. In order to maintain an appropriate environment, please follow these rules of behavior. Violations of the rules may result in removal from the Library and/or loss of Library privileges. Violations of the criminal code or the student conduct code will be reported.

  1. Disruptive behavior is not permitted. This includes noise in designated quiet areas. Please make silent all cell phones and pagers when entering the Library building. If you must use your phone, please do so in a designated area, and keep your voice as low as possible.
  2. Non-alcoholic drinks in secure lidded containers and small snacks are permitted. No food or drink is permitted in the Special Collections and Archives Reading Room. Please clean up after yourself by using the trashcans and cleaning up any spills!
  3. Bicycles, grocery carts, skates, skateboards and other wheeled vehicles are prohibited with the exception of baby strollers, wheelchairs and other conveyances for persons with disabilities. Animals are prohibited, except for those working with persons with disabilities.
  4. For spontaneous, casual video recording and photography in the Library, patrons must get permission from Library Administration or from the people being photographed/recorded.  For class assignments that require videotaping or photography, and for larger noncommercial projects, patrons must get permission from the Library Administration by submitting the Student Film Request Form.  To obtain permission for commercial projects, please contact University Licensing.
  5. No selling or soliciting is permitted in the Library or on the Library porches. Handbills, circulars, banners or notices must have the prior permission of Library Administration before being posted on the Library premises or being made available to our patrons. Postings on the bulletin boards require permission from Associated Students.
  6. No events may be held in the Library or the Library’s porches, lawn or lower level South patios without prior written permission of Library Administration.
  7. Backpacks, briefcases, book bags and all other bags are subject to inspection upon exiting the Library. To prevent theft of books and library materials, state law authorizes the detention, for a reasonable period, of any person using the facilities who is suspected of committing "library theft." The theft of books and library materials is considered petty theft and is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. (California Penal Code 490.5)