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Math and Science Resources

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The Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC) has a variety of resources that can be useful in the teaching of math and science at all K-12 grade levels.  The following will help you identify and locate the most appropriate materials for your needs.  Both print and media resources are indexed by author, title, and subject in the Oviatt Library online catalog.

The PDF resources on this page require the Adobe Reader.

Selected Science and Math Subject Terms

Search OneSearch for such terms as:

  • Mathematics
  • Arithmetic
  • Mathematics - Remedial teaching
  • Mathematical recreations
  • Fractions
  • Decimal system
  • Subtraction - Interactive multimedia
  • Addition - Juvenile software
  • Art in mathematics education
  • Mathematics – Activity programs
  • Children’s literature in mathematics education
  • Science
  • Science - Experiments
  • Science games
  • Scientific recreations
  • Biology
  • Manipulatives
  • Frogs - Interactive multimedia
  • Flowers - Juvenile software
  • Art and science
  • Science – Activity programs
  • Children’s literature in science education

Curriculum Guides/Lesson Plans

Use the Study and teaching subdivision after any subject to find curriculum guides and lesson plans in the Oviatt Library Catalog. Examples:

  • Mathematics – Study and teaching
  • Science – Study and teaching

Curriculum guides/lesson plans may also be found in the ERIC documents collection. Ask the Reference Librarian for assistance in locating these guides.

Supplemental Sources in the TCC

Specialized Internet Sources

General Internet Sources

  • TEAMS(LACOE) Learning. . .for K-12 Educators
  • TEAMS Teaching Circles  (for New Teachers)

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