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Music Resources

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The Teacher Curriculum Center (TCC) has a variety of music resources that can be useful in the teaching of music at all grade levels.  The following will help you identify and locate the most appropriate materials for your needs.  Both print and media resources are available and indexed in the Oviatt Library online catalog. 

The PDF resources on this page require the Adobe Reader.

Music Subject Terms

The Oviatt Library online catalog indexes all TCC books and media by author, title, and subject.  The catalog also gives you full physical description of each item and information about the suggested grade level or the availability of any accompanying materials. If you are searching the catalog for music on a particular subject or for a particular purpose, look up the subject heading and look for records, cassettes or other types of nonprint sources under that subject. The type of media is part of the call number given on the screen of the Oviatt Library online computer catalog.

Search OneSearch for search terms such as:

  • Children's songs
  • Games with music
  • Guitar
  • Halloween
  • Instrumental music
  • Musical instruments
  • Music appreciation
  • Piano
  • Rhythm
  • School songbooks
  • Physical education for children
  • Singing games
  • Music - (country name)
  • Folk-songs

Curriculum Guides/Lesson Plans

Use the Study and teaching subdivision after any subject to find curriculum guides and lesson plans in the Oviatt Library Catalog. Examples:

  • Music - Study and teaching
  • Music – Instruction and study

Curriculum guides/lesson plans may also be found in the ERIC documents collection. Ask the Reference Librarian for assistance in locating these guides.

Internet Sources

  • TEAMS(LACOE) Learning…for K-12 Educators
  • TEAMS Teaching Circles (for New Teachers)
  • State Music Education Standards
  • National Association for Music Education

Content Standards and Frameworks

Locating Song Titles/Composers

If all you know is the name of a specific song or composer, the online catalog should help you locate the specific sound recording(s) where your song or composer may be found. Since most children's sound recordings are collections of songs, the TCC created an index in the Oviatt Library online catalog to the songs on all the TCC sound recordings. To find a recording of "Hokey Pokey", for instance, use the “Catalog” option on the Oviatt Library online catalog.  Select “TCC” and title for "Hokey Pokey" and it will indicate the titles and call numbers of all the sound recordings that have "Hokey Pokey." To find a composer, use the Oviatt Library online catalog under author such as Palmer, Hap. In addition to the TCC's resources, you can find many music scores and classical music in the regular library collection or at Music and Media Service Desk (2nd floor, East Wing).

Created by Dr. Karin Duran
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