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University 100: Library Research Assignment


Goal: Students will use the information, strategies, and research tools presented in the Library presentations to complete a research assignment.

Directions: Carefully read the descriptions and instructions before beginning your work. Questions on the research strategies and tools should be directed to the Reference Librarians. Questions regarding due dates, point value for completion of the assignment, or appropriateness of topic selection should be directed to your University 100 instructor.

Overview of Research Assignment

Goal: Students will develop a more in-depth understanding of their research topic by using research strategies and systematically exploring appropriate information sources introduced in the library lectures. Students will document their research by creating an annotated bibliography using the topic selected and discussed in class and by answering a summary question on the research process as instructed below.

Assignment Requirements

  • The annotated bibliography will contain 4-5 sources using a standard form/style (such as MLA or APA) for the reference citations.
  • Of the 4-5 sources in the annotated bibliography, 1 must be a website, and the other 3-4 must be library resources (i.e. books, newspaper, magazines or journal articles accessed through the library).
  • Each source listed will include a 4-6 sentence annotation describing how the information in the source is relevant to the topic of the research.
  • The annotated bibliography should be typed double spaced with one inch margins top, bottom, left, and right.
  • The completed annotated bibliography is due on the date specified by your University 100 instructor. 

Research Topics

Consult your professor for your research topic.

Annotated Bibliography Worksheet

During the second library session you will be given an Annotated Bibliography Worksheet to be started in class. This will help you practice citing and annotating sources from the library’s databases. Oviatt’s librarians recommend that you complete the worksheet as homework and that completed worksheets be submitted for peer-to-peer review by a U100 classmate.

Summary Activity: What Did You Learn?

When you have completed your annotated bibliography, answer the following questions in 250 words or less (typed and double spaced), and attach it to your annotated bibliography:

  • Looking at the all the sources you chose, what is the value of getting multiple resources on your topic? How is the information you found going to be used in the group presentation or project (if applicable)?

​Assignment Points and Grading

Consult your course syllabus and/or instructor for information on point values and grading for the library research assignment.