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Finding Sound Recordings, Videos and DVDs in the Library Catalog

OneSearch allows patrons to search for Audio Visual materials by Title, Author, Subject, Call Number, and Shelving Location. You can combine multiple search criteria using Advanced Search. For example, to find the BBC production of Macbeth, you could search Title for "Macbeth" and Any field for "BBC," while setting Material Type to "Audio Visual." Using any field will return the greatest number of results.

  • Resource type: In the search results, use the Resource Type facet to limit results to specific media type such as DVD or Streaming Video.
  • Find feature films : for a list of feature films in the library, search "feature films." 
  • Find film genres: search "feature films" as above, specifying the desired genre (e.g. Science Fiction, Adventure, Comedy, etc.) using a second any field search box.

Search Results

  • If the location is listed as "Music & Media - Instructional Videos" it is available to be booked by faculty or staff for classroom showings. Students may check out these programs for three hours to view in the Library only.
  • If the location listed in the individual record is "Music & Media"  with any other sublocation, it is available to be checked out by all patrons.