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Creating and Using Custom Library Resources

Embed a List of Subject-Based Resources

Embed a list of searchable subject-based resources in a course web page or other instructional web page.

  1. Select a subject on Find Articles by Subject. On the subject page, select Embed Subject.
  2. The Embed Subject form lets you select configuration options on the left-hand side, and previews your list on the right-hand side.
    1. If you include the Multisearch box, the checkboxes for research guides and databases that cannot be Multisearched will be greyed out. However, links to those individual databases will be included.
    2. Leave the "Include CSS?" as no - styles from the Library's site might affect your page in strange ways.
  3. Click Refresh after selecting your display options.
  4. Embed code from the "Include Options" in your web page in one of two ways:
    • If you have the ability to add javascript to your page, use the javascript widget! It will allow your embedded list to be updated automatically if we add or remove databases from your subject. Copy the code in the widget box and paste it into the HTML code of your page.
    • If you need to use the HTML Source, click "View Snippet Source." Copy the code in the page that appears and paste it into the HTML code of your page.

My Saved Databases: Create a Custom Resource Collection

(example: Environmental Science 101 )

Create a private or public custom collection of databases, research guides, and librarian subject specialists to use on the Library web site or to embed in your web page.

  1. Log into Xerxes (current CSUN User ID and Password required), then select My Saved Databases.
  2. You have two options:
    1. Click Add resources and Edit. This will save the resources you add under the default collection, "My Saved Databases." OR
    2. In the right-hand sidebar, under "Create a new collection" type a custom name for a new collection (e.g. English 305), and click the Add button. In the new page, click Add resources and Edit.
  3. Collections are private by default, which means you can only access them when logged into your Xerxes account. To share the collection with others, click the Public link. A URL for your collection will appear in a yellow box.
  4. Add resources by clicking the green + icon. A search box will appear to allow you to search titles and descriptions by keyword. Click the green + icon again to add individual resources to your list. Click I'm done adding resources when you're finished.
  5. To change the order in which the resources appear, click Change resource list order.
  6. Be sure to click I'm done editing when you've finished editing a collection.
  7. Add multiple sections to an individual collection -- except the default My Saved Databases collection -- by typing a title in the box next to "Add a new section." You can also change the section order.
  8. You can Change collection name, Change section name or Delete collection for all collections except the default "My Saved Databases."
  9. If you've made it Public (see step 3., above), you can click Embed collection to embed the database list, with or without Multisearch function, in an external page (see "Embed a List of Subject-Based Resources," above).

If you have questions or problems, please contact the Library Webmaster.