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Guided Resource Inquiries (GRI) Research Fellows Project, 2013-2014

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Student Learning Objectives


GRI assignments support the course learning objectives as per the instructor's preparations.

Information Competency

  • Information Assessment: Determine the nature and extent of the information needed, through identifying keywords, subjects or other descriptive terms across popular, scholarly, primary and secondary sources.
  • Utilization: Navigate disparate information systems through the strategic use of keywords, subjects and other descriptive term searches. Identify the type of information needed; alter search strategies as required.
  • Evaluation: Critically evaluate information resources through identifying contexts, subjectivity, and reliability of sources.
  • Integration: Effectively integrate information resources into course assignments.
  • Information Ethics: Understand the legal and ethical use of information regarding plagiarism and attribution.

Archives Competency

  • Students learn to identify and evaluate primary sources
  • Students engage in critical and analytical thinking with regards to primary sources
  • Students intellectually connect primary and secondary sources