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From a March 3, 2011 News Release: Want To Meet Old China Hands?

If so then start thinking about a day (from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.) to enjoy the Lusitano Club's 2011 Old China Hands Reunion at Macau Cultural Center in Fremont, California on Sunday November 6th 2011. Round trip chartered bus service from San Francisco/San Mateo to Fremont will be available at a minimal cost by request.

No speakers, or set program, just a nice friendly social for old times sake discussing the wonderful old days back in China with a Macanese luncheon and Chinese Banquet Dinner including registration for $45 (registration $10, luncheon $10 and dinner $25). One or two meals can be deleted but registration is mandatory.

For those that want to come a day early (Saturday November 5th 2011) if there is sufficient interest, there will be a nice get together planned in or around the San Francisco area. Watch for details in official application.

For those interested in participating please email or call Harold at (678) 614-6067 for an application.

Respectfully Yours,