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Peek in the Stacks: international

The Dawning of a New Page

Artists' books have been produced around the world and across artistic disciplines for nearly 200 years, but weren't established as an official book (or art!) genre until the 1970s. Simply defined, artists’ books can be thought of as unique works of art in book format—though they do tend to challenge traditional concepts of what constitutes a "book." Often constructed from unusual materials, some artists' books in the library's collection are made from rubber, metal, plastic, fabric, and wood, as well as remarkable handmade papers ...

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Fashion and Beauty Trends Through History

Many beauty and fashion trends quickly fall out of vogue, but others have more staying power. In Special Collections there are many fashion books and magazines produced in numerous time periods, as well as historical retrospectives that focus on the history of fashion and cosmetics. Women in particular ....

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The Whitfield T. Ganong World War I Diaries

World War I was one of the most lethal battles in history that drew in major global powers from various nations to fight against one another. Over the course of four years, from 1914 to 1918, millions of combatants and civilians died as a result of the violence. The progress of the war was covered and documented by soldiers who...

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Political and Social Satire in Punch

Punch, or the London Charivari was a British weekly magazine that specialized in humor and satire. Starting publication in 1841, the magazine took its title from the hunchbacked and hook-nosed Punch puppet of Punch and Judy, ubiquitous figures in the UK and other parts of Europe for many decades. The magazine featured numerous...

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Mysterious Universe

The universe is filled with beauty and mystery. We don’t know for sure what is out there, but as curious humans, we have made attempts to know all we can about the parts of our universe. We’ve developed theories about the universe and how it works, we’ve mapped out the stars, we’ve ventured into outer space, we’ve creatively written fiction about the wonders of the universe, and...

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The Lee W. Mayo Collection

Lee William Mayo was born on August 15, 1915 in Clover Township,  Jefferson County Pennsylvania, the third child of Pennsylvania farmers, Dick and Lina Witherow Mayo. He enlisted in the United States Army on October 15, 1941 at Fort Meade in Maryland and was initially stationed at Camp Lee, Virginia. Following the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor...

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