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19th Century Scrapbooks

View of a lake In Special Collections and Archives there are many books, images, and archival material that date prior to the 1900s, including some scrapbooks that have beautiful images and newspaper clippings telling important stories from the past. Scrapbooks are a fascinating way to view history, functioning as a lens through which we can now see particular topics or popular culture in past eras. The Sam Hayes Scrapbook and the Temperance Scrapbook are two that have interesting stories to tell about late-19th century history.

The Sam Hayes Scrapbook consists of newspaper clippings, including local news stories. A few articles in particular discuss a murder that occurred when the book was being made, and the resulting police investigation. The scrapbook also documents local people in the community, including a little girl who survived being thrown off her horse. The scrapbook also includes poems and Opera House flyers of plays.

The Temperance Scrapbook has a different focus; it delves into politics and issues such as Women's Suffrage and alcoholism. It also includes interesting facts of the time, and some images taken from newspapers or magazines.

Sam Hayes Scrapbook
Five men next to a cabin. Sam Hayes Scrapbook
Article regarding a murder. Sam Hayes Scrapbook
“Down in Cape Town.” Sam Hayes Scrapbook
“Tribute from a friend.” Sam Hayes Scrapbook
Clippings on a page. Sam Hayes Scrapbook
“Is it Manifest Destiny?” Temperance Scrapbook
“Meeting of Both Branches of the Common Council” June 17, 1889
“Some Splendid Old Maids.” Temperance Scrapbook
“Woman and Politics.” Temperance Scrapbook
Mark Twain sketch. Temperance Scrapbook
“Dom Pedro Dead.” Temperance Scrapbook
A page taken from Temperance Scrapbook
Harriet B. Stowe sketch. Temperance Scrapbook
“Telephones in the World.” Temperance Scrapbook
Article regarding Mrs. Annie S. Austin, new mayor of Pleasanton, Kansas. Temperance Scrapbook
Photograph, Mother and daughter at Plymouth Church, July 29, 1888. Temperance Scrapbook
Clipping, Birds-eye view of San Diego, showing the famous harbor and Suburbs- Entrance to the Bay. Temperance Scrapbook

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