CSUN ScholarWorks

for instruction and research

About CSUN Scholarworks

CSUN ScholarWorks is an open-access institutional repository for capturing, organizing, preserving and disseminating the intellectual output of the faculty, staff, and students of California State University, Northridge.


Easy to Use and Secure

  • Authorized users can submit items simply by logging in, typing in some information about their object, and attaching a file.
  • Materials are preserved in an organized, secure, searchable digital archive.
  • Authors retain copyright, and can grant specific use permissions with a Creative Commons License
  • Persistent “handles” ensure permanent easy access from any system
  • Supports 41 standard file types

Preserve Learning Objects

If you’ve created a video, podcast, or tutorial, you can share your object easily with other instructors by archiving it in the Learning Object Repository, one of the CSUN ScholarWorks pilot collections.

Types of learning objects include lectures, animations, simulations, diagrams, tutorials, quizzes, syllabi, audio snippets

Organize Reports, Policies, and Proceedings


Official documents and communications deposited in CSUN ScholarWorks can be searched by multiple criteria such as keyword, administrative unit, title, or project name.  Related documents can be grouped together, and there is no file size limit.

Distribute Research

ScholarWorks offers one-click discovery of the research achievements of individual faculty, a department, a college, or subject area. Durable links to publications, papers, and presentations can be placed anywhere, including a Digital Measures faculty profile page. These may include:

  • publication preprints and postprints
  • working papers
  • conference papers and presentations
  • datasets
  • student research
  • graduate theses and dissertations

As part of a the system-wide CSU Scholarworks project, CSUN ScholarWorks runs on the open-source DSpace software package using a PostgreSQL database, and is supported by Systemwide Library Services at the CSU Chancellor's Office. It is administered by the CSUN Oviatt Library, and Library personnel are available to train and provide consultation for CSUN faculty and staff who wish to submit content..

CSUN ScholarWorks permanently preserves research, instructional materials, institutional documents and data in a central location.  Data integrity is ensured through checksum validation routines. The system creates permanent URIs for all items using the Handle system. Use of the Dublin Core metadata standard allows items in the ScholarWorks collections to be “harvested” by other databases and included in multi-institutional searches.


Elizabeth Altman, ScholarWorks Project Manager (ealtman@csun.edu)
Andrew Weiss, Digital Services Librarian (andrew.weiss@csun.edu).