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How does Food Relate to your Understanding of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders heritage?

As a welcome to Oviatt’s celebration of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month, we invite everyone -- CSUN students, staff, faculty and community members to share their thoughts on how food relates to identity or understanding of Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders heritage.

Participants may have their comments captured to video with the help of staff in Oviatt’s Creative Media Studio (CMS) or submit their own video.

To participate in person please fill out the form below.

Make Appointment to Film a Video at the Creative Media Studio

Submit your own Video

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Please look into the camera when you record.
  • We may edit the video some, it would be great if you also sent pictures of the food you referenced or something relevant to what you said to make it more visually appealing!
  • Try to keep the video to about 30 seconds in length
  • Use an MP4 or .mov format. If you’re unsure of your file format, ask the CMS for help.
  • Use high quality sound in a quiet place
  • Use good lighting
  • Don’t use music
  • Video should be shot in landscape (horizontal) mode
  • Name your file using your first and last name followed by _AAPI (example:
  • Download, sign, scan or take a photo of the signed release form. Save it as a PDF or jpg and name it with your first and last name followed by _AAPI (example: MattieDoor_AAPI.pdf)
  • Submit your video and release form to Box using the following link Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders Heritage Month at .

Download Release Form (.pdf)

For more details on video settings see “YouTube encoding settings” at recommended upload encoding settings.

Contact Yi Ding at with any questions.