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BibliU e-Textbook Platform

BibliU is an e-textbook borrowing system that the CSUN University Library is providing to many CSUN students for free this spring, while the Library remains closed due to COVID-19.

Approximately 30 high-use titles were identified from the print textbooks the Library normally purchases each semester with Campus Quality Fee (CQF) funds, which are usually the most expensive textbooks for courses with larger enrollments. While BibliU will not provide access to all textbooks needed by all CSUN students, and the funding for BibliU, which is provided by earmarked 2019/2020 CARES Act funds, is not enough to cover these costs, the hope is that this service will help many students who normally depend upon the Library’s print textbooks on reserve.

To access BibliU e-textbooks and other electronic resources for your courses:

  1. Search by textbook title in OneSearch or browse/search by course/instructor in Course Reserves.
  2. Click on the link provided for the title and enter the CSUN user ID and password when prompted to access the e-textbook.

Students will be able to borrow e-textbooks from BibliU while funding is available. However, once a student borrows the BibliU e-textbook, they may use it as many times as needed up to the end of spring semester, at which time access to the title ends. 

See Course Reserves Options for additional sources for textbooks, including lower cost options offered by the CSUN Campus Store.

Any questions, please contact the Reserves department at 818-677-3282 or