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Orginally compiled by Joan Parker, July 1986
First revised and updated for the Web by Doris Helfer, February 1998.
Latest Revision July 26, 2011


Scientific and Technical Information Resources. by Subramanyam, Krishna. New York : Marcel Dekker, 1981. (T10.7 .S93 - Floor 3)
Chapter 8, Standards and Specifications, defines standards and specifications and discusses the various types. The remainder of the chapter is a detailed listing of various sources of standards and specifications.

Guide to Basic Information Sources in Engineering. by Mount, Ellis. New York : Halsted Press, 1976. (T10.7 .M68 1976 - Floor 3)
Contains a brief chapter on specifications and standards (ch. 17). Defines both terms and gives an abbreviated list of sources.

Guide to information sources in engineering.  by Lord, Charles R.  Englewood , CO, Libraries Unlimited, 2000 (ref T10.7 .L67 2000  - Reference  Room)

Information sources in science and technology.  by  Hurt, C.D.,  Englewood , CO, Libraries Unlimited,1998 (ref Z 7401 .H85 1998 - Reference Room)

Reference sources in science, engineering, medicine and agriculture. by Malinowsky, H. Robert. Phoenix, AZ, Oryx, 1994 (ref Q158.5 .M28 1994 - Reference Room)

Standards and Specifications Information sources: a Guide to Literature and to Public and Private Agencies. by Struglia, Erasmus. Detroit : Gale Research Company, 1965. (Z7914 .A22 - Floor 3)
Although dated does describe general sources of information as well as directories, bibliographies, indexes and periodicals pertaining to standards and specifications.

1981 Union List of Specifications and Standards in California, Hawaii, Oregon and Washington Libraries. (Z7914 .A22 N56 1981 - Floor 3)
Lists several hundred kinds of standards held by libraries.



American National Standards Institute.Catalog. New York : the Institute, 1997 is latest in print. (ref Z7914 .A22 U5 - Reference Room) - Now only available online at: http://webstore.ansi.org/ansidocstore/default.asp
The American National Standards Institute or ANSI is the main body responsible for standards in this country. In addition to developing their own standrds, they will also adopt those of another organization. The Catalog provides a listing of available standards and is arranged by subject. Library owns very few of these standards. UCLA has selected ones. May purchase from Global Engineering (see entries under "Local Availability" on last page.)

CRC Handbook of Tables for Applied Engineering Science. 2nd ed. by Bolz, Ray and Tuve, George, eds. (TA151 .C2 1973 - Floor 3)
Check index under "standards" Common Gamma Reference Standards, Standard Illumination Sources for Colorimetry, International Television Standards, Resistor Color Code and Standard Values, Time and Frequency Standards.  


S.A.E. Handbook on CD-Rom [Electronic Resource] by Society of Automotive Engineers. Warrendale, PA: SAE, 1985-. (TL151 .S62 - Floor 3 CD-Rom. No longer received as of 2009)
Includes information on Materials; Parts and Components; Engines, Fuels, Lubricants, Emissions and Noise; On highway Vehicles and Off highway Machinery. Index volume contained numerical and subject index to standards and specifications found in the four volumes.


Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code. by American Society for Mechanical Engineers. New York : ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee, 1977. (ref TJ290 .A7 1998 - 3rd Floor) No longer received.  Provides rules for construction of boilers, pressure vessels and nuclear components, including requirements for material, design, fabrication, examination, inspection and sampling. Continually updated. 11 sections.


Building Code: official compilation.  by Los Angeles County. Los Angeles: Building News, 1998.(KFC1199 .L62 A32 - Floor 2. Library retains latest ed. only.)  Available online at: http://search.municode.com/html/16274/index.htm Code is substantially Uniform Building Code with certain local deviations and additions. Includes section on special subjects cellulose nitrate, prefabricated construction, light transmitting plastics, etc.

The BOCA National Building Code 1986-1999. by Building Officials and Code Administrators International. 11th ed. Country Club Hills, IL: BOCA, 1990.(KF5701 .A73 B8 - Floor 2)
Application of nationally recognized standards stated in text of code requirements. Standards listed and identified in Appendix A, which includes standard reference number, title of standard, issuing agency. Latest edition the library has is the 11th edition published in 1990 and publication may have ceased in 1999.  for more information about purchasing this and other books involving construction upi can go directly to this commerical web site at: http://www.constructionbook.com/boca-building-code/?cid=CBYBMSC&CMP=KNC-MSN

ASTM Standards in Building Codes: Specifications, Test Methods, Practices, Classifications, Definitions. 23rd ed. by American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia, PA: ASTM,1986 (TA404.5 .A45 1986 - Floor 3)
This compilation includes, in two volumes, ASTM standards that are referenced in such nationally known codes as BOCA Basic Building Code, Standard Building Code, Uniform Building Code, National Building Code of Canada. Also includes standards referenced in various state and city building codes. These standards are all included in the 48 volume Annual Book of ASTM Standards.

ACI Manual of Concrete Practice. by American Concrete Institute. Detroit : ACI, 1968-. (ref TA439 .A538 - Latest year in Reference Room)
Specifications contained in volume 3.

Load and Resistance Factor Design: Manual of Steel Construction, by American Institute of Steel Construction. (Chicago?), AISC, c1998. (TA784 .L795 1998 - Floor 3).  Superceded by latest edition of the Steel Construction Manual.


IEEE Standards Software Engineering, by Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers. New York, 1999, (QA76.6 I113 1999 - Floor 3)

Software Engineering Standards. by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. New York; IEEE. 1987. (QA76.6 .I572 1987 - Floor 3)
A compilation of four ANSI/IEEE software standards plus the IEEE Guide to Software Requirements Specifications. The four standards are: IEEE Standard Glossary Engineering Terminology (ANSI/IEEE Std. 729 1983); IEEE standard for Software Quality Assurance Plans (ANSI/IEEE std 730 1984); IEEE Standard for Software Configuration Management Plans (ANSI/IEEE std 828 1983); and IEEE Standard for Software Test Documentation (ANSI/IEEE Std 829 1983). Each of these five documents is also available as a separate book.

Software Engineering. by Tripp, Leonard L., and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York, 1994. (QA76.758 .I35 1994 - Floor 3)

Software Engineering Standards. by the European Space Agency. Board for Software Standardisation and Control. New York : Prentice-Hall, 1994. (QA76.758 .S64656 1994 - Stored)
Contains the European Space Agency's software engineering standards.


IEEE Standards Catalog. by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
Compilation of all IEEE Standards listings available for purchase. Library has a few selected standards catalogued under title.  Allows users to search IEEE standards full text at (http://standards.ieee.org) Ordering standards requires establishing a prepaid subscription with IEEE.

California Electrical Code.  International Conference of Building Officials. Sacramento, Calif. : California Building Standards Commission, 2007. (KFC424 .A432 2010 - Floor 2/Folio Oversize Reference)

National Electrical Safety Code. 1990 ed. by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. New York: IEEE, (TK152 .A64 1990 - Floor 3)
This is an American National Standard, ANSI C2-1990. It covers basic provisions for safeguarding of persons from hazards arising from installation, operation, or maintenance of 1) conductors and equipment in electric supply stations, and 2) overhead and underground, electric supply stations and communication lines. It also includes work rules for this equipment and electric lines. This code covers mainly public utilities, whereas the National Electrical Code covers installations on or within buildings.

Rules for Overhead Line Construction. by California Public Utilities Commission. Sacramento: CPUC, 1981. (KFC459 .A44 A19 1981- Floor 2)
Includes general provisions, definitions, requirements (strength and construction) for all lines including supply lines, tower lines, high voltage lines, trolley lines, communication lines.


Energy Design Manual for Residential Buildings.by California Department of Housing and Community Development. Sacramento : Division of Codes and Standards, 1975.(TH4815.5 .C34 1976 - In ASRS)
Depository item, based on SB177 (1972). Purpose of regulations is to establish minimum uniform energy isulation standards for all new hotels, motels, apartment houses, lodging houses, dwellings and other residential building which are heated or mechanically cooled. Includes energy insulation standards for the California Administrative Code and thermal design standards for glazing (from ASHRAE).

The BOCA Basic Energy Conservation Code. 3rd ed. by the Building Officials and Code Administrators International. Chicago, IL: BOCA, 1981. (KF5701 .B78 1981 - Floor 2)
Conveniently assembles all applicable energy conservation requirements and applicable reference standards presently found in the 1981 editions of the BOCA Basic Building, Mechanical and Plumbing Codes.(There are later editions, but CSUN does not own them).


Excavation and grading Code Administration, Inspection, and Enforcement. by Scullen, E. Michael. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1983.(TA730 .S37 1983 - Floor 3)
Provides background on evolution of grading codes. Indicates which portions of which codes pertain to grading. Contains Excavation and Grading chapter from UBC.


National Fire Codes. by National Fire Protection Association. Boston; NFPA, 1991.(TH9115 .N3 1991 - Floor 3)
Volumes 16 contain codes and standards. Volumes 7 and 8 contain recommended practices and procedures. Annual compilation of codes, standards, recommended practices, manuals, guides and model laws.

California Fire Code. by the International Conference of Building Officials. Whittier, CA : International Conference of Building Officials, 2007. (KFC424 .A433 2007 - Floor 2. Library retains latest edition only)
Part of the California Code of Regulations. Title 24 part 9. Sets out provisions necessary for fire prevention while achieving uniformity in terms and requirements with other codes published by the conference.

The BOCA Basic Fire Prevention Code. 5th ed. by the Building Officials and Code Administrators International. Chicago: BOCA 1981.(KF3975 .B85 1981 - Floor 2)
Divided into three sections : general; use and maintenance of equipment, processes and occupancies; and materials handling. Last section contains information on handling cellulose nitrate motion picture film, plastics, cryogenic liquids, fireworks, etc.

Life Safety Code Handbook. 2nd ed. edited by Lathrop, James K. Quincy, MA: National Fire Protection Association, 1981.(TH9115 .N28 no.101-HB81 - Floor 3)
Based on 1981 edition of Life Safety Code. Pertains to life safety in both new and existing structures. Provides background information on reasons for certain provisions and suggestions for implementation.


ASHRAE Handbook. Fundamentals by American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. Atlanta, GA : ASHRAE, 1985- . (ref TH7201 .A8 SI ed. and ref TH7201 .A8 I-Ped ed. - Reference Room Library retains latest editions of each only)
Contains table of "Codes and Standards Sponsored by Various Societies and Associations."


Standards and Practices for Instrumentation. 7th ed. by Ferson, Lois M. ed. Research Triangle Park, NC: Instrument Society of America, 1983. (TA165 .I5967 1983 - Floor 3)
Contains titles and abstracts of national and international instrumentation standards. Complete text of each current ISA standard or recommended practice also included.


California Mechanical Code. by International Conference of Building Officials. Whittier, CA: International Conference of Building Officials, 2007.(KFC424 .A434 2010  - Floor 2/Oversize Folio Ref. Library retains latest edition only)
Part of the California Code of Regulations, Title 24 part 4.

The BOCA Basic Mechanical Code. by Building Officials and Code Administrators International. Chicago: BOAC, 1981. (KF5701 .A73 B82 1981 - Floor 2)
Sets forth comprehensive regulations for the safe installation and maintenance of mechanical facilities. Contains sections of chimneys and vents, air pollution control, solar heating and cooling systems and energy conservation.

Annual Book of ASTM Standards. by American Society for Testing and Materials. Philadelphia, PA: 2003 (ref TA401 .A653 - Latest ed. in Reference Room. Library Retains latest two editions only)
Compilation of standards emphasizes tests for a wide range of materials. In addition to standards formally approved and adopted by ASTM, also contains tentative standards, tentative revisions, proposals, test methods, definitions, recommended practices, classifications and specifications. Index contained in last volume.


National Standard Plumbing Code. by National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors.  Washington, DC: NAPHCC, 1984. (TH6164 .N37 1984 - Floor 3)
Code contains information on basic systems and fixtures as well as sections on medical care facilities and mobile home and travel trailer park plumbing standards.

Additional books on specific standards maybe found in the Oviatt Library by looking up the topic you are interested in finding, and putting the subdivision standards after the term (i.e. Accounting - Standards, Industrial safety - Standards, or Computer networks - Standards).


Los Angeles Public Library
The Central Library
630 West Fifth Street 90071
The Science, Technology & Patents Department
Located on Lower Level Two of the Tom Bradley Wing
(213) 228-7200. fax (213) 228-7209
email: science@lapl.org

The Los Angeles Public Library is one of over seventy U.S. Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries located throughout the United States. These libraries assist the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in disseminating patent and trademark information. More information about the library and it's services can be found on their web site at http://www.lapl.org/resources/guides/intellectual_property.html    LAPL's fees for copying are detailed on the web at http://www.lapl.org/branches/central-library/departments/computer-center
Photocopies also available through InterLibrary Loan.


Global Engineering Documents
15 Inverness Way East,
Englewood, CO 80112
E-mail to: global@ihs.com
Phone (800) 854-7179; (303) 397-2750

More information can be obtained by on the web at http://global.ihs.com/
Global Engineering Documents, an IHS Group Company, distributes collections of standards, specifications, and technical publications. Global maintains one of the most extensive collections of documents from more than 400 standards-developing organizations (SDOs) worldwide, including ACI, ANSI, API, ASME, ASTM, BSI, DIN, DOD, IEEE, ISO, and JIS, NASA, NBS, NFPA, SAE, UL. Global's exclusive and primary distribution contracts include AIA, AGMA, API, ASHRAE, Delphi, EIA, ETSI, GM, John Deere, NCITS, NEMA, TIA, and UL. Can obtain copies of a variety of standards and specifications. Require payment in advance and takes MasterCard and VISA. Most are in stock.

University of California, Los Angeles.
Science and Engineering Library.
Boelter Hall - 8th Floor
(310) 825-3982.

More information about the library and it's services can be obtained from http://www.library.ucla.edu/libraries/sel/
There holdings can be checked via the Melyvl system available on the web at http://melvyl.worldcat.org/   They own the following: AASHTO specifications catalogued separately under name of organization, ANSI Standards either catalogued by subject or available on fiche, API bulletins (TN 871.5 A51 sp), ASME Power Test Codes (T 59 A515), ASME code for Pressure Piping (TS 280A), British Standards Institute Catalogue (TA 368 B74), Engineering Sciences Data Unit Standards (TA 145 .E57), Metallic Materials Data Handbook (TL 699 .M4 M47), IEEE Standards (TK 153 I591), Instrument Society of America Handbook of Control Values (TJ 223 V5112), ISO Standards and Index (TA 368 I57), National Electrical Manufacturers Association (TK 275 N37), National Aerospace Standards (TL 671.1 A29n).

 If you are a student or professor at California State University Northridge and think the library should order a copy of a specific standard, click here on Library Request and complete the form also available via the web at (http://library.csun.edu/Services/Forms).   Please note many standards are expensive and will only be purchased to support University Research and as budget monies allow.

This bibliography maybe freely copied and adapted by anyone. In case of
substantial use, attribution would be appreciated.

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