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Faculty/Library Collaboration using Digital Collections or Archives

Overview and Objectives

The Oviatt Library Digital Collections feature historically significant documents such as photos, letters, manuscripts, government documents, art and other evidentiary materials relevant to local, regional, national and cultural identity. As researchers and educators, such materials are often created or owned by faculty of CSUN.  Therefore the Oviatt Library encourages collaborative partnerships with faculty to ensure the preservation and dissemination of these documents for students, researchers, and diverse community stakeholders for generations to come.

This policy for collaboration is intended to:

  • Help align and support departmental and institutional goals as well as teaching and research objectives.
  • Structure and promote faculty-library partnerships regarding the acquisition, description and/or course integration of Digital Collections and Special Collections and Archives materials.
  • Promote community-library partnerships regarding online access to local heritage.
  • Advocate for the preservation of documents (records) of enduring value regarding the work of faculty and community custodians through digitization, acquisition and/or librarian consultation.