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Best Practices

Qualified Candidates for Digital or Archival Collections

Does your collection have broad educational appeal?

Digital and archival collections are created to preserve and disseminate materials to broad audiences such as K-12 students, college students, researchers, historians, genealogists and the general public.  These materials are generally relevant to local, regional, national or diverse cultural communities.

Are your materials original, rare, unique or unpublished?

Typically, original works of historical or cultural value that are rare (i.e. difficult to find) or unique make good candidates for digital and/or archival preservation.

Do you support free access to your collection?

In most cases, Oviatt Library Digital Collections and archival collections are open to the public.

Do you consent to the use of library standards and best practices for processing your collection?

Library materials undergo rich descriptions using standard methods to ensure that materials are easily located and retrieved in both physical and online environments.  Materials that are digitally preserved require high resolution reproductions of the original documents.

Did you answer "Yes" to all of the above questions?

If you answered yes to all of the above, you should consider having your collection evaluated as candidate for a digital and/or archival collection according to these and other criteria.