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Oviatt Library E-News: Oviatt Spotlight

Bound Periodicals in Library Stacks

Oviatt Spotlight: Weeding

Spring 2015

With spring in full swing, we thought it an appropriate time to share some insights into the essential work that is involved in the ongoing care and cultivation of our Library garden.  It is difficult for librarians, book lovers that we are, to take part in a process that actually removes books from the shelves. Yet, as libraries are becoming more assessment driven and therefore more data driven, we are discovering that student requirements are changing.

Cat outside the Oviatt Library

Oviatt Spotlight: CSUN Cat People

Winter 2014

Squirrels aren’t the only wildlife living in the trees and shrubbery that surround the Oviatt. A small population of feral felines is lovingly cared for by the CSUN Cat People, a volunteer organization that also works to help educate the community.

Artwork by Nivardo Esteban

Oviatt Spotlight: Freshman Common Read

Fall 2014

With CSUN’s Freshman Common Read Program, the Department of Undergraduate Studies and the Oviatt Library offer an incoming class of highly diverse new students a communal point of connection in the pages of a shared book.

CSUN’s Freshman Common Read Program is turning 8 this year. Cheryl Spector, Director of Academic First Year Experiences, began contemplating the idea in 2004. She was inspired at a First Year Experience Conference by similar initiatives at other campuses.

Oviatt Library Student Employees

Oviatt Spotlight: Student Employees 2014

Summer 2014

We have long suspected that the Oviatt’s dynamic mix of student employees represent the very best and brightest that CSUN has to offer and – as it just so happens – our students agree.

The Oviatt employs approximately 150 CSUN students at any given time.  This large and essential component of the Library’s workforce consists of a remarkable cross-section of the university’s highly diverse student population. Library student employees come from across the street and from around the world.

Women in Science and Engineering Logo

Oviatt Spotlight: Women in Science and Engineering

Spring 2014

The Oviatt Library is proud to highlight the contributions and activities of the Bonita J. Campbell Endowment for Women in Science and Engineering (WISE), which have enriched the Library, individuals across campus, and the larger community.

WISE was established in 2009 by Professor Emerita Bonita J. Campbell, with a mission “To encourage women to build careers in the fields of science and engineering; to advance in their careers; to preserve the story of women who have pioneered in the science and engineering disciplines; and to inform leaders and educators about the contribution that women make in these important fields.”

Picture of a person using an iPad

Oviatt Spotlight: Learning Commons Technology

Winter 2013

Side by side Learning Commons Technology and Information Technology bring a variety of new and existing support services for students and faculty to one convenient and centrally located space.  The recently opened Learning Commons is home to a wide range of technology-based support services. And while many of these services were available in the Library’s former layout, they were not always readily apparent or easily accessible. The new, welcoming, open concept design of the Oviatt’s first floor has changed all of that.

Learning Resource Center Logo

Oviatt Spotlight: Learning Resource Center

Fall 2013

We are excited and very proud to welcome the Learning Resource Center to  its beautifully remodeled new home in the east wing on the Library’s third floor.

After a very ambitious summer-long renovation that resulted in a wall- to- wall transformation of the third floor’s east wing, the Learning Resource Center (LRC) is happily settling into its new digs in the Oviatt Library. 

CSUN Students at Award Ceremony

Oviatt Spotlight: Student Awards Ceremony

Summer 2013

Student employees are the backbone of the Library. Just ask any staff or faculty member, and they will tell you that their department could not possibly function without the small army of student employees who come to work every day in the Oviatt Library. Each year the Library employs an average of 145 CSUN students who work in part-time positions ranging from shelving books to greeting the public at service desks. They are loyal and hard-working, and many go on to work in the Library or even go on to become librarians after graduation.

Women's Health Logo and CSUN Shine Logo

Oviatt Spotlight: NIH/NLM Grant

Spring 2013

Congratulations to librarians Lynn Lampert, Marcia Henry and Anna Fidgeon for securing grant funding from the National Institute of Health and National Library of Medicine for a project that will increase campus-wide understanding of both gender research differences and women’s health and wellness.

Andrew Weiss

The Oviatt Shines: Librarian Andrew Weiss

Winter 2012

Thanks to Librarian Andrew Weiss the Oviatt Library has been selected as one of this year’s recipients of books through The Nippon Foundation’s Read Japan Book Donation Program. The Read Japan program aims to make a wide variety of books from Japan available to foreign audiences by working in partnership with libraries, publishers, authors and translators.