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We Would Like You to Meet: David Morck

eNews Edition: Spring 2014

Contributed by Jose Escobedo

Long before considering a college career, David Morck already had developed a keen interest in technology and deep appreciation of language. David was born in Pasadena, California and raised in a household with a father who was an engineer and a mother who held advanced degrees in both English and psychology, so David had the importance of education instilled in him very early. He began to learn the basics of computer programming when his father gave him his first computer at age six, and his parents continued to be nothing short of supportive and encouraging. 

While completing his community college degree in Montana, where his parents had retired, David continued his life with the same inquisitive spirit. He did freelance computer work, and eventually moved back to California to continue his education at CSUN in the English Department’s creative writing program. David graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, and then continued his career at CSUN by earning a Master of Arts in English with an emphasis in creative writing. 

David Morck

From the very beginning, David has been an active member of the CSUN community. While completing his degrees, David worked at the Oviatt Library as a student assistant, served as the poetry editor for the Northridge Review, and joined the professional development board for the Northridge Creative Writing Circle. His long list of accomplishments at CSUN includes a variety of awards, publications, and committee work. In addition, while working as a student employee in the Oviatt, David was awarded the 2009 Friends of the Library Scholarship, the 2010 Karin Durán Scholarship, and the 2011 Library Supporters Scholarship, all funded by a variety of donors and friends of the Library.

When asked about the scholarships he received as a Library student assistant, David says that the benefits were many. “Getting that kind of recognition made me want to do well in my studies and in my work life-- you know, prove that I was worthy of that recognition,” he says. “Taking the burden off of the rising tuition costs took some pressure off and allowed me to focus more closely on my coursework.” David continues to encourage current student assistants in the Library to apply for the increasing number of Library Student Employee Scholarships that are available.  “It really is a wonderful way to help support their college education and to get recognition for the hard work that they put in every day serving the campus,” adds David. Now a staff member, David still attends student-writer events and readings.  He also remains appreciative of the entire CSUN writing community and network, and chiefly cites the support of Dr. Leilani Hall, Professor Dorothy Barresi, and Professor Martin Pousson. These faculty members served on his thesis board, and their mentorships were crucial for David’s success.

David works as a Web Programmer for the Oviatt Library, where he recently wrote his first iPad app to accompany the current Special Collections & Archives exhibit In Protest: The Shifting Paradigms of Social Action. “The staff and faculty here are wonderfully supportive, and their interest in helping students and the community is inspiring,” says David. When asked about the transition from his background in English into a highly technological industry, David’s unique training becomes evident.  “The fantastic thing about what I do is that it is truly interdisciplinary,” says David. “Writing a line of code and writing a stanza in poetry are complementary – both require form, structure and creativity.”  In a diverse community like CSUN, David loves working at the Oviatt and could not imagine working outside of academia. “I get to benefit from the wealth of different approaches that are required to help the CSUN community with multiple learning styles and research methods,” he says.

Away from work at the Library David writes poetry and – with 20 years of experience as a bass guitarist – he also enjoys making music. You can find out more about David, read some of his writings, and view a list of his publications by visiting David’s homepage