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Oviatt Library eNews Spring 2016

Current Library Exhibit Celebrates (and Investigates) Black Culture

“Historicizin’ & Contemporizin’ the Black Aesthetic: Keeping the Legacy Alive” is a unique journey into the Black experience, honoring the history and contemporary contributions of people of Black descent, whose experience is deeply embedded in the narrative of the American past, present and future.

The Oviatt Library is proud to host the spring 2016 exhibit, “Historicizin’ and Contemporizin’ the Black Aesthetic: Keeping the Legacy Alive.” Co-curated by Africana Studies professors Theresa White and Cedric Hackett, the exhibit is an inclusive look at African American and African culture from both past and present perspectives.

Photograph of Billboard by Robert Landau - Thumbnail

What's Up: Robert Landau

Join the Friends of the Oviatt Library as they host a luncheon with photographer/author Robert Landau, who will share insights and images from his uniquely L.A. inspired book, Rock ‘N’ Roll Billboards of the Sunset Strip.

Los Angeles native Robert Landau was clearly a kid destined to become a photographer. In 1969, a young Landau began shooting his first pictures, which were the colorful sights around his Hollywood home.

Associate Dean, Kathy Dabbour

Oviatt Spotlight: Kathy Dabbour, Associate Dean

The Oviatt Library’s newly appointed Associate Dean, Kathy Dabbour, is a true valley girl and CSUN alumna with a strong passion for student success and a long history of working to advance the library’s mission.

Laurie Borchard, Digital Learning Initiatives Librarian and Meet the Librarians of the Oviatt blogger, poses some candid questions to the Oviatt’s newly appointed Associate Dean Kathy Dabbour.

Oviatt Library

Thanks & Recognition: Library Staff and Faculty

When CSUN asked Oviatt employees to consider giving back to the university, the faculty and staff who work in the very heart of the campus found a few inspiring reasons to say yes.

Darryl Hood

We Would Like you to Meet: Darryl Hood

Three, two, one, action! What was once a childhood dream has become an everyday reality for author, award winning broadcast journalist, and former Oviatt Library student assistant Darryl Hood. 

Hood personifies the old story of hard work leading to success. Even before graduating from CSUN with a degree in journalism in 1996, he began his career as a reporter for the Orange County News channel.

Dean Mark Stover

A Message from the Dean: Unearthing our Flourishing Network

The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that "all life is interrelated. We are all caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied into a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one destiny, affects all indirectly.”  

As Dr. King observed, there is a certain coherence to the world that seems to often stay hidden below the surface and then occasionally pops up like a spring daisy.  Similarly, the stories in our Spring 2016 issue of the Oviatt Library eNews have a number of connective elements. These elements are surprising, inspiring, and thought-provoking.