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Oviatt Library eNews Winter 2015

The Gift of Giving: The Sharon Fogarty Young Readers’ Collection

One family’s cherished tradition becomes the inspiration for a heartfelt gift that will continue to enrich the lives of CSUN students and inspire young community readers for many generations to come. “Last night, I think I may have dreamed about dragons and polar bears draping themselves over books.”  These are the words of Patricia Fogarty as she recalled her recent visit to the Sharon Fogarty Young Readers’ Collection at the Oviatt Library.

Young woman looking at exhibit.

What's Up: Oviatt Library Outreach Services

Prominently situated at the center of CSUN’s sprawling campus, the Oviatt Library offers invaluable education resources to students and community members far beyond the university’s boundaries with their robust Outreach Services.

A university’s library is often the heart of its campus. Much more than just a place for students to gather, do homework, study for finals, or work on a group projects, a university Library functions as both a symbol of the power of education and as a touchstone for a university’s pulse and spirit.

Thumbnail from Relocation Center Paper

Oviatt Spotlight: CSU Japanese American Digitization Project

Through the CSU Japanese American Digitization Project, the National Parks Service grants funding that will help the Oviatt Library and some of its sister CSU libraries to archive significant historical treasures.

This three-year effort provides for the digitization and online access of approximately 10,000 documents from over 30 archival collections related to Japanese American incarceration during World War II and the resettlement.

Dr. Harry Stone

Thanks & Recognition: Dr. Harry Stone

“Once a gentleman, and always a gentleman.” Charles Dickens expressed that sentiment in his mid-19th century classic Little Dorrit, but he would be pleased to have us use it today in reference to Professor Emeritus Harry Stone.

Dr. Harry Stone, a renowned Victorian literature scholar, taught in the Department of English at CSUN for 32 years. Dr. Stone may have retired from his beloved CSUN in 1992, but his legacy will live on at the Oviatt Library through a unique and generous gift.

Nimilolu Fafowora

We Would Like you to Meet: Nimilolu Fafowora

A casual and candid conversation with the Oviatt Library’s first Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) intern, the very ambitious and endlessly busy Nimilolu Fafowora.

Dean Mark Stover

Message from the Dean: The Gift of Giving Back

When I was a boy, I was inspired by the athletic skill and bold rhetoric of boxing champion Muhammed Ali.  Later I learned of his commitment to service, what we often refer to as “giving back.” Ali said that “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” This is a helpful metaphor that perfectly captures the spirit of service:  it’s an obligation that we have toward our fellow travelers on this planet that allows us to “give back” to others in a variety of ways.  Some of us give back with our time; some with our treasure; and some through service-oriented careers.