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Add a Tab to an Existing Course or Subject Guide

  1. Go to the first tab of your subject guide (if the guide has no tabs, see step 12 above).
  2. Click the Add Subject Guide/Tab or Add Course Guide/tab link at the bottom of the page (note: this link will not be visible if you have changed the publishing options of your first page to UNPUBLISHED.  Please publish the page if you want to add a tab).
  3. Tab Name: type in the name of the tab (e.g. Databases, Internet Resources, Government Resources, etc)
  4. Add Body text, Main Column blocks, and Right Column blocks as you would for the first tab of your guide (see steps 6-8, above)
  5. Guide or Tab URL: Type URL for the tab. It should match the Tab Name as closely as possible, without spaces or special characters. "CamelCase" is the conventional format for the Library web site. The system will automatically pre-pend the URL of the guide to the tab. For example:
    1. You have created a guide for Political Science. It has the URL
    2. You add a Biographical Resources tab to it, and give the tab the Guide or Page URL of "BiographicalResources."
    3. The system will automatically assign that tab a URL of
  6. Book Outline: Don’t worry about this field unless you are detaching or attaching a cloned guide tab.

Reorder Tabs in a Guide

Customize book

You can reorder tabs in your guide by going to the any tab and clicking the Customize link at the top area of the page, or by clicking on the Customize Book link at the bottom of your page. You will see a list of tabs, starting with the second tab, which you can drag around to reorder.

The first tab does not appear in this list. You can edit the first tab, but you cannot easily move it.