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Create a Course or Subject Guide

  1. Login to Drupal.
  2. In the left hand nav menu, select Create Content, then Course Guide/Tab or Subject Guide/Tab
  3. In the "Course Guide Title" or "Subject Guide Title" field type the title of the Course or Subject Guide (for example, English Literature).
  4. Tab Name: The default Tab Name of the first tab of a guide is "Overview," but you can change it if you wish. If you do not add a second tab, the tab name will not appear at all.
  5. Metatags: Pop open the Metatags menu to add a description of the guide and keywords, separated by commas (you can come back to this later).
  6. Body (optional): Adding body content is optional. It will appear in the main column.
  7. Main Column Blocks (optional): Listed here are your own Subject Guide blocks and blocks that other librarians have shared. Blocks that you own will be denoted by an asterisk (*). Add blocks in the order you want them to appear (you can't drag and drop -- just remove and add). Main column blocks will stretch to the right if no right column blocks are added.
  8. Right Column Blocks (optional) -- Add blocks in the order you want them to appear.
  9. Show your Meebo Widget (Optional) -- if you want to add Meebo, check the box. It will automatically appear on all tabs you add to the guide.
  10. Associate with Subject -- This is the same list of the subjects as on Databases by Subject. Use Ctrl-click to select one or more subjects. Your selection will associate your guide with other guides associated with the same subjects, in the "Related Guides" block.
  11. Guide or Tab URL: Type in a URL string that is logical and easy to remember -- natural language and CamelCase is the convention on CSUN campus web sites. Examples: EnglishLiterature, GenderWomensStudies, FCS-DesignTextiles. Do not add '.html'. The system will automatically place the guide under /ResearchAssistance/SubjectGuides/ (e.g. Your name as author will automatically appear at the top of the left-hand column. (NOTE: To avoid confusion for classes with multiple sessions that may receive instruction from different librarians, create a URL that contains all the course number, the instructor, and the term  (for example: ENG110SmithF11).
  12. Book outline: This is only important if you intend to add tabs to your guide. If this is the first tab of your guide, pop open the Book Outline. Under the "Book" menu select <create new book>.
  13. Click Save.